Tel Aviv.

Full list of Israeli high-tech funding rounds in 2024

Despite facing many challenges in raising money, Israeli startups continue to attract funding from across the world

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מגדל עזריאלי שרונה תל אביב
מגדל עזריאלי שרונה תל אביב
Tel Aviv.
(Photo: Rotem Rogovski)
The Israeli startup provides therapeutic area leaders with molecular-level insights and valuable AI tools to make data-driven decisions, helping them improve the probability of phase 2 success and optimize their R&D portfolio
CTERA has developed a software platform that enables distributed file storage in private and public cloud environments, combined with accelerated access from remote sites and AI-based protection against ransomware attacks
The Israeli startup's platform provides non-U.S. investors with a comprehensive solution to the foreign investment and purchase process in U.S. real estate
The Israeli women’s health company has raised a total $40 million to expand its health solutions including painless and effective IUDs for women and treatment for endometriosis and uterine fibroids
AccuLine's CORA system uses an advanced method for signal filtering coupled with deep learning algorithms to assess the condition of the patient's coronary arteries
New funding round to propel EndoStapling technology through critical clinical trials
The Israeli startup’s platform provides a performance-driven approach that measures individual tasks, increasing overall efficiency, and lessening costs, while reducing delays by up to 50%
Initially founded to help nonprofits develop their activities by connecting them with organizations and their workers, Vee is now leveraging AI agents to help nonprofits scale
The Israeli startup’s solution enables real-time transcription, adjustment of the text display to the user's needs, and an intuitive interface
The new funding takes the Series A to $40 million in total after initially raising $20 million last April
The company wants to help 59% of SMBs who would like to generate new ideas for growth but who are burdened by the daily demands of running a business
The Israeli startup's platform helps title professionals, investors, developers, and builders verify property titles and interact with relevant documentation
Less than two years after selling Cider to Palo Alto Networks in a $300 million deal, Guy Flechter has raised a significant sum for his new cybersecurity project named Sola Security. Investors include S Capital, S32, and Michael Moritz
The startup’s platform includes a medical chat and AI predictive models based on large datasets to help physicians optimize diagnosis and treatment.
The Israeli startup is developing DeepLight processors that utilize multi-core optical fibers to process data at the speed of light as it travels through the fiber, aiming to increase processing speeds up to 1,000 times during AI inference while using only about 1% of the energy
The company is creating a platform that can handle Taylor Swift-levels of demand in the blockchain space. “The backend isn’t optimized for The Swifties,” says CEO
The platform acts as an intermediate layer that reconciles data silos and automatically adds context and meaning to data
The Israeli startup's audio-based solution enables elderly individuals to continue living at home rather than being hospitalized. Yuval Halivni, the company’s data operations lead, was killed on October 9th while serving in the reserves
The Algo based company developed an agnostic AI-driven market engine and aims to disrupt traditional legacy revenue systems through deep learning methodologies, beginning with the airline industry
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מייסדי סמפריס מימין גיא טברובסקי  , מיקי ברזמן , מתן ליברמן Semperis
מייסדי סמפריס מימין גיא טברובסקי  , מיקי ברזמן , מתן ליברמן Semperis
Semperis founders.
(Photo: Semperis)
The cyber company also named a new CFO, CRO and CLO as it continues to gear up for a potential IPO
The healthcare company, which has developed a platform that focuses on sound waves, safely guided by MRI, to provide tremor treatment to patient, laid off 100 employees last December amid its mounting losses
Alon Arvatz, Gal Ben-David, and Amir Hozez’s new startup, PointFive, aims to uncover deep, infrastructure-level savings opportunities, enabling enterprise organizations to promote continuous cloud cost efficiency
The Israeli startup’s platform helps security teams to implement and automate strong governance for secrets and NHI management, with real-time detection and response
The Israeli startup counts 8 of America’s 10 largest cities among its customers and plans to spend the new capital on advancing its artificial intelligence capabilities
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Zencity team
Zencity team
Zencity team.
Less than five months after announcing its Seed round, the Israeli startup has landed additional funding for its security platform that governs and secures AI use across the modern business environment
The Israeli startup’s platform makes all financial data accessible to e-commerce stakeholders, from periodic accounting to real-time finance metrics
The company plans to use the funds to support the initial stage of its open testnet, dubbed Helium, which will enable developers to deploy smart contracts to the Fhenix network for the first time
The startup’s platform provides an essentially infinite pool of human-like testers that can be integrated into the development process, allowing companies to allocate higher value work to their human workforce
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BlinqIO founders
BlinqIO founders
BlinqIO founders.
Firefly co-founder Sefi Genis was murdered in the brutal attack by Hamas at the Nova party. “In the early days, we did not know if we would survive. It hurts every day, but we are not in mourning. We are building Sefi's legacy,” said CEO Ido Neeman
The company's 2-armed robots are designed to navigate the dynamic and complex environments of hospitals, performing repetitive tasks such as delivering meals and supplies, directing patients and visitors, transporting Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and engaging with elderly patients in cognitive activities
The Israeli startup's system, already installed on ships operated by major companies including MSC and Maersk, reduces the number of marine accidents, optimizes sailing, and thus reduces fuel consumption and air pollution
The Israeli startup’s FinOps platform is used by leading global brands, including Lyft, the New York Times, Choice Hotels, Wiz, Tenable, and Appsflyer, to optimize cloud expenditure and allocate costs across all cloud providers and services
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מייסדי Finout
מייסדי Finout
Finout founders.
(Photo: Omer Hacohen)
Its SaaS platform can help SMBs efficiently, cost-effectively, and accurately review and advance contracts without relying on a legal department or outside legal counsel
The Israeli startup's solutions include tech-enabled financial services, including expert tax, bookkeeping, and international money transfer services
The Israeli startup more than doubled its valuation from November 2022, with its ARR in 2024 expected to reach over $100 million
The Israeli startup, founded by Samuel Cohen, Benny Schnaider and Michael Cohen, uses synthetic data for granular insights after proving that it could augment under-sampled segments with a high degree of accuracy using proprietary algorithms
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Fairgen founders
Fairgen founders
Fairgen founders.
The Israeli startup’s platform aims to help mid-market and large companies to gain full visibility and control over their cash operations and to optimize their liquidity by leveraging AI-driven automation and insights
The Israeli startup’s XOS operating system aims to provide robots and drones with AI capabilities and help them partner with humans
Token Security brings visibility and continuous threat exposure management to the space by introducing the machine-first approach
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מייסדי PANAX פאנאקס סטארט-אפ פינטק
מייסדי PANAX פאנאקס סטארט-אפ פינטק
Panax co-founders.
(Photo: David Garb)
The four-year-old decacorn, which took its total funding to date to $1.9 billion, said it will use the latest round of funding to help drive future M&A efforts, along with talent recruitment and product development
The Israeli startup insures more than $21 billion worth of real estate assets and expects to triple that number in the next 12 months
The Israeli startup’s optimization engine runs billions of permutations in seconds and is tailored to make predictions based on industry-specific factors, automatically generating alternative schedules for ORs that significantly improve resource allocation
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מימין דוד ויסברוד אור אשד מייסדי חברת הסייבר הישראלית LayerX
מימין דוד ויסברוד אור אשד מייסדי חברת הסייבר הישראלית LayerX
LayerX co-founders.
The Israeli startup’s Enterprise Browser Extension integrates with any browser, helping enterprises to secure their devices, identities, data, and SaaS apps from web-borne threats and browsing risks
Its POCAD solution provides AI-powered diagnoses that are accurate and easy to understand for physicians
The Israeli company has built a security platform that provides organizations with comprehensive visibility of their AI activity
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אור שובל אמיר עמדי ו מיכל צור רמפי
אור שובל אמיר עמדי ו מיכל צור רמפי
Remepy founders.
(Photo: Remepy)
The Israeli startup’s solution aims to tackle the exponential growth of Non-Human Identities which malicious attackers are exploiting with increased efficacy
The Israeli startup’s new hybrid drugs combine traditional drugs with its “digital molecules.” Digital molecules are therapeutic interventions that trigger physiological effects through the brain
Island raised $100 million at a $1.5 billion valuation just six months ago
The Israeli startup’s platform helps security teams prioritize the most urgent risks based on an organization's unique threat profile and provides prescriptive and actionable remediation plans to reduce threat exposure using existing tools
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cynomi founders
cynomi founders
Cynomi founders.
(Photo: Cynomi )
Magnus Metal is innovating the centuries-old metal casting industry by providing an Industry 4.0 based fully automatic manufacturing solution that aims to make the process faster, safer, and environmentally friendly
The company’s platform combines AI with CISO-level knowledge to automate many vCISO tasks, typically at a lower cost than hiring an in-house CISO
Greeneye’s solution, which harnesses AI in combination with cutting-edge hardware to identify weeds among crops with high accuracy and spray chemicals only where they are needed, is proven to reduce herbicide use in farming by 88%
The company helps organizations manage their third-party API attack surface with AI-driven detection, threat intelligence, and remediation capabilities.
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Bridgewise founders גבריאל דיאמנט דור ו אור אליגולא מור חזן מייסדי חברת Bridgewise
Bridgewise founders גבריאל דיאמנט דור ו אור אליגולא מור חזן מייסדי חברת Bridgewise
Bridgewise founders.
(Rami Zerenger)
The startup’s platform provides a suite of products that include detailed AI generated reports and on-demand analysis of any financial instrument or security
Founded in 2015, Dot Compliance offers a ready-to-use Quality Management System powered by the Salesforce platform
The company recreates role-specific scenarios that help immerse sales applicants into the potential position, vet their cultural fit within a company, and offer performance data to employers
The company, which laid off almost a third of its workforce last January, did not disclose its valuation in the round, but it is estimated to be in the region of $180-200 million, half of the value it received when it raised a $70 million Series C three years ago
The team of five scientists includes Micha Breakstone, an Israeli AI entrepreneur who sold for $575 million
Companies are increasingly adopting LLMs and other tools to create ChatGPT-like systems but with their own local knowledge. However, these systems might also introduce business risks, potentially exposing content outside of an employee’s need-to-know basis such as bonuses, sales revenue, and mergers and acquisition information
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Take2 Founders
Take2 Founders
Take2 Founders.
(Photo: Take2 )
Operating in over 80 countries, Guesty’s platform provides both enterprise and SMB property managers as well as individual hosts with tools to manage the entire rental journey
The Israeli startup says it offers up to 50% savings on storage costs and provides a self-optimizing, developer-independent solution
The startup’s platform provides cybersecurity extended detection and response (XDR) for connected vehicles and IoT
The Israeli startup, founded by husband and wife Shachar Schnapp and Rina Galperin, aims to democratize secure access to enterprise data based on two pillars: Differential Privacy and AI
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יותם שגב ג'ייסון קלארק ו תמר בר אילן Cyera
יותם שגב ג'ייסון קלארק ו תמר בר אילן Cyera
Cyera team.
(Photo: Ohad Kab)
The company has registered rapid growth since raising $100 million at a $500 million valuation last June
The Israeli startup’s platform reduces publishing time from six months to two weeks while reducing costs by 30% and offering a suite of services for every stage of the journey
The startup's offices and team are located in Sderot and were attacked by Hamas terrorists on October 7
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Carrar team
Carrar team
Carrar team.
(Photo: Carrar )
Lumana's platform analyzes organizations' video in real-time to provide visibility when critical events occur
Leveraging AI and machine learning, Nucleai analyzes pathology images and spatial data at the cellular and tissue levels. The proprietary technology extracts detailed patterns and features from medical images, offering insights into the tumor microenvironment, cellular morphology, and spatial relationships between different cell types
The Israeli startup, which took its total funding to $340 million, also announced the Hailo-10, its newest AI accelerator specifically designed to process LLMs at low power consumption for the personal computer and automotive industries
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צוות עובדי מרכז הפיתוח של היילו HAILO ב תל אביב
צוות עובדי מרכז הפיתוח של היילו HAILO ב תל אביב
Hailo team.
(Photo: Hailo)
Nominal’s platform uses generative AI and cloud technology to bridge the gap between legacy ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems and standard spreadsheets for accounting and financial management in mid-market businesses
The Israeli startup, which took its total funding in the past 24 months to $255 million, offers an enterprise-grade security software platform to SMEs covering endpoint protection, email and user protection and network and cloud protection
Zafran, founded in 2022 by Yashar (CEO), Ben Seri (CTO) and Snir Havdala (CPO), develops a risk and mitigation platform to pinpoint the ‘exploitable’ threats in the organization and to mitigate their risk by mobilizing existing security controls
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בן סרי, סנז ישר ושניר הבדלה. מייסדי זפרן
בן סרי, סנז ישר ושניר הבדלה. מייסדי זפרן
Zafran team.
(Photo: Eric Sultan)
The Israeli startup’s platform helps asset managers and their service providers to manage mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, insurance products, and pension funds, supporting digital transformation, operations automation, AI-based insights, resiliency, and migration to the cloud
The Israeli startup, which raised funding from Viola and Google's AI-focused fund Gradient, helps data and analytics teams to confidently push continuous code changes, safeguarding against frequent issues and harmful incidents that affect critical data
The Israeli startup, which develops solutions for data security and compliance for the public and private cloud, recently introduced new data hygiene capabilities for the generative AI data pipeline
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Foundational team
Foundational team
Foundational team.
The Israeli startup’s efficient AI-centric system architecture enables companies to run generative AI applications and large language models (LLMs) without overinvesting in scarce and underutilized GPUs
“Our mission is clear – to untangle the toughest knots for data teams and give peace of mind to organizations with their data governance. No matter how fast the company scales,” said CEO Sarah Levy
The Israeli startup’s platform for managing multiple edge platforms ensures that users get the fastest, most cost-effective content served automatically by the optimal edge locations
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IO River founders
IO River founders
IO River co-founders.
(Omer Hacohen)
In the past three years, Empathy has made a full range of assistance with grief, estate settlement, probate and more available to 5 million employees and 35 million policyholders across the US
The Israeli startup’s AI-driven recommendation engine matches employees with the precise health services they need from thousands of options available in the platform
Sweet Security leverages deep runtime analysis to identify and address cloud risks
The Israeli company, which raised the money through a combination of equity and credit, took its total funding to date to $635 million
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מייסדי חברת ה סטארטאפ Sweet Security
מייסדי חברת ה סטארטאפ Sweet Security
Sweet Security co-founders.
(Photo: Ben Itzhaki)
"Axonius has gone from zero revenue to exceeding $100 million in ARR in just 4.5 years, making us one of the fastest growing cybersecurity companies,” said Dean Sysman, CEO of Axonius
The Israeli startup’s platform allows institutions and developers to manage their digital assets with its non-custodial, secure, and chain-agnostic wallet
The startup's platform offers individualized, immediate, and straightforward responses to inquiries about coverage, treatment, and benefits, as well as complete assistance throughout the Open Enrollment process
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Slice Team
Slice Team
Slice team.
(Photo: Eric Sultan)
The Israeli startup’s platform automatically ensures that all global equity operations are compliant and tax-optimized to maximize and protect the benefits of equity plans, both for employers and employees
Combining multiple types of powerful sensors, 3D imaging, cloud computing simulations and a proprietary AI platform, the Israeli startup fuses massive amounts of data into one map so companies can see risks and assets underground
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לורה Loora
לורה Loora
Loora team.
(Photo: Loora)
The Israeli startup provides English language learners with an app-based platform that harnesses AI specifically built, trained, and optimized for gaining practical fluency through personalized learning
The Israeli startup’s platform discovers, visualizes, and protects a company’s entire hybrid IT infrastructure – whether on-premise, virtual, in the cloud, or a hybrid combination of them – in as little as 60 minutes
The Israeli startup collaborates with many of the world’s leading stock image providers and manages over one billion licensed images. These images are used to train BRIA’s text-to-image foundation models while ensuring the original creators, artists, and media companies receive royalties to fairly compensate for their images’ contribution to the final generated output
The Israeli startup, which develops silicon photonics for hyperscale data center and AI applications, has built a platform for the optical network market, offering improvements in bandwidth and speeds while lowering costs and power
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צוות BRIA AI
צוות BRIA AI
BRIA AI team.
(Photo: Kseniia Poliak)
The Israeli AI startup enables organizations to rapidly identify and eliminate deepfakes and synthetic media created by generative AI
The Israeli startup is building a modular network making it easy for developers and users to access blockchain through RPC & indexing
Its Continuous Threat Exposure Management (CTEM) platform discovers creative attack paths and maneuvers around existing security measures to identify and validate actual exposures
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Seal Security
Seal Security
Seal Security team.
(David Garb)
With software supply chain attacks on the rise, the Israeli startup’s platform leverages generative AI to provide customers with a remediation solution to this growing challenge
The Israeli startup’s globally-connected labels, which are the size of a credit card, report 6-dimensional telemetry shipment data in real time, without requiring any additional infrastructure
The company focuses on processing and consolidating data from various operational domains, including marketing, last-mile delivery, customer support, and warehousing
The Israeli startup’s platform allows security teams to visualize and prioritize hundreds of attack surface threats into a manageable set of specific, actionable insights
The Israeli-founded startup allows crypto holders to tap and pay at more than 100 million retailers globally where Visa and Mastercard are accepted, while merchants receive fiat currency
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צוות Aim
צוות Aim
Aim Security.
(Photo: Omer Hacohen)
“This enormous risk surface is replete with unique attack vectors that existing security solutions cannot sufficiently address,” said Matan Getz, CEO and Co-founder of Aim Security
Joyned’s AI-based social revenue platform identifies critical data such as price perception and sentiment analysis, giving travel sites access to a comprehensive overview of the customer booking journey
The Israeli startup’s platform automatically discovers all non-human identities across all environments, providing visibility and risk assessment with vulnerability auto-remediation
The company helps users visualize their money, automate payments to boost savings and optimize finances, take more direct action, and make financial management more accessible
The recent lawsuit against OpenAI filed by The New York Times alleging that ChatGPT can output almost-verbatim article excerpts in its responses highlights the potential for generative AI tools to leak training data
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Prompt Security
Prompt Security
Prompt Security.
(Photo: Prompt Security)
The company’s product is retrofitted onto any tractor and leverages computer vision and AI to navigate and execute multiple tasks autonomously, from crop seeding and spraying to mowing and harvesting
According to the company, the investment follows another record year of more than 100% growth where Silverfort added tens of millions in new Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
According to the company, it registered 300% revenue growth and 500% customer growth in its third year of operation in 2023
Since the company’s last round of funding in 2022, Vicarius has grown its customer base to over 400 customers, adding global organizations like PepsiCo, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), Bupa, and Equinix
The company has developed an AI-based system that offers per-tree intelligence to growers to track the health and productivity of their trees
The Israeli startup’s platform enables OEMs across different industries to cloudify, service, support, and commercialize their connected devices
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 Xyte Headshots משמאל: המייסדים עומר ברוקשטיין מנכ"ל ומייסד-שותף ובוריס דינקביץ׳ סמנכ״ל טכנולוגיות ומייסד-שותף
 Xyte Headshots משמאל: המייסדים עומר ברוקשטיין מנכ"ל ומייסד-שותף ובוריס דינקביץ׳ סמנכ״ל טכנולוגיות ומייסד-שותף
Xyte co-founders.
(Photo: Omer Hacohen)
The Israeli startup’s platform enables the instant, encrypted, and authenticated transfer of electronic Bills of Lading and related trade documents. The platform is designed to meet the needs of all parties involved in trade, including shipping companies, agents, brokers, and banks
Through its AI technology, Cyabra exposes malicious actors, disinformation, bot networks, and GenAI text and images
Its solution is designed to improve efficiency in repetitive tasks, knowledge management, and understanding the needs of customers
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עובדי חברת הסטארטאפ Ask-AI
עובדי חברת הסטארטאפ Ask-AI
Ask-AI team.
The Israeli startup's platform provides automated reading, summarization, and analysis of medical records for insurance companies and lawyers, providing real-time, highly accurate assistance in their underwriting, claims settlement, and fraud prevention processes
According to the company, it has more than threefold its ARR over the past year, primarily driven by the expansion of the U.S. customer base, which now includes prominent names such as Lifelabs, Snowflake, Coinbase, Aristocrat, SoFi, Grafana, Payscale, and more
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יזמי Quant health מימין אור ענבר ו ארנון חורב
יזמי Quant health מימין אור ענבר ו ארנון חורב
Quanthealth founders.
(Photo: Ruti Benziman)
This announcement extends the Israeli startup’s recent $15 million Series A and comes on the back of the launch of its latest product, Katina, which provides clinical researchers with an AI-guided workflow that simulates hundreds of thousands of potential trial protocol combinations of patient groups, treatment parameters and different endpoints, to maximize the trial success probability
The cyber unicorn, which has now raised $325 million since its founding in 2015, said the new funding is an extension of its Series E from March 2021
First published: 13:08, 03.01.24