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As part of her day job, Executive Coach Gali Bloch Liran helps founders, CEOs, and investors develop the right skills and mentality. Her podcast takes us through the roller coaster of vulnerability, humanity, and the personalities of these "top dogs" of business and tech

Fred Kofman, co-founder of the Hoffman Kofman Foundation, along with Reid Hoffman and Zur Genosar, has a rich business background. Formerly an MIT professor in Economics, Fred has held leadership roles in LinkedIn and Google, and he is an international consultant for leadership. Residing in Mexico with his family, he is deeply passionate about Israel.
We met during the Hoffman Kofman Foundation transformative leadership program, and I had the opportunity to learn from him, dive into deep and meaningful conversations with him and exchange insights about leadership, business & life itself.
Throughout his extensive career, Fred has collaborated with top industry leaders, offering them a broad perspective on life and work. From an educated and experienced standpoint, we delve into the three most significant lessons we believe are crucial for humanity, society, and top performers leading global innovation, technology, and the economy:
Ep. 132 - With Fred Kofman, Founder of Hoffman Kofman Foundation
Response-Ability in Startups:
Fred emphasizes the importance of a startup mentality—realizing that while one may not be responsible for everything, the ability to respond to any situation is vital. In essence, it's about taking ownership and being able to adapt to challenges, fostering a culture of response-ability.
Adapting to Challenges:
Fred draws an analogy: "There's no such thing as bad weather, there's only bad gear." This underscores the idea that preparation is key; unforeseen challenges are inevitable, but how well-prepared you are determines your ability to navigate them effectively.
Effectiveness and Resilience:
Fred stresses the significance of resilience in achieving success. He points out that being effective means being resilient, as setbacks are bound to occur. Learning to navigate challenges is more important than simply relishing success, as the former equips individuals with the tools needed for sustained success.
Moving on to the broader perspective of success, Fred highlights the need to align personal values with one's mission. Just as Viktor Frankl emphasized in "Man's Search for Meaning," following one's values provides a guiding force. When individuals align themselves with their values, these values become the driving force propelling them forward.
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Gali Bloch Liran Fred Kofman
Gali Bloch Liran Fred Kofman
Gali Bloch Liran and Fred Kofman.
Few Thoughts on Leadership
We delve into leadership and its essence. He asks a crucial question: Do you want to make your employees do something, or do you want to make them want to do something? The distinction lies in inspiring people to be motivated intrinsically, fostering a connection to the mission rather than merely following a leader.
Fred and I (Gali) agree on the importance of leaders being ego-free. It's about focusing on the mission rather than personal achievements. Leaders should inspire their teams to follow the mission, creating a self-sustaining drive even in the absence of explicit guidance.
Reflecting on his career journey, Fred introduces the concept of servant leadership—leading to serve the mission, with the mission taking precedence. He acknowledges moments when he sought coaching, emphasizing the value of both giving and receiving guidance.
Navigating Difficult Moments
Addressing the challenges of maintaining an optimistic outlook, Fred shares a personal low point on October 7th. Despite feeling that things couldn't get worse, they did on October 8th, when we all faced the trauma and the response of the world. Fred emphasizes the importance of honoring such feelings while recognizing their transient nature, and that’s also what brought him to Israel, to support its people and organizations.
“I have a dream for a long time which is to work with people that would combine the courage and the heart of a warrior, with the spirituality, compassion and love of a monk, and the intelligence and the application of wisdom like an engineer”.
The conversation concludes with Fred's vision for the Hoffman Kofman Foundation. He envisions working with individuals embodying the courage of a warrior, the spirituality of a monk, and the wisdom of an engineer. The Foundation aims to leave a lasting impact by combining these diverse qualities through its Leadership Programs. I personally was fortunate to take part in this program & journey. For more information about the next programs visit here:
For a more in-depth exploration of Fred's journey and the Hoffman Kofman Foundation's founding story, listen to the full episode.
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Gali Bloch Liran
Gali Bloch Liran
Gali Bloch Liran.
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Gali Bloch Liran is the Founder & CEO of The Human Founder; Executive Coach & Startup Advisor; Entrepreneurship Lecturer at Reichman University; Host of The Human Founder Podcast