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דן לואב מייסד ומנכ"ל קרן הגידור Third Point

TPV Founder Daniel Loeb: “The madness will not return. Everyone's expectations today are more reasonable”

26.10.22|Sophie Shulman
From Disneyland to the Holy Land: In an in depth interview, the legendary Third Point CEO and founder talks investments, Israel, and taking on Disney
Ran Heistein EFG

EFG International opens Israel office, banking on tech boom

Ran Heistein has been named as Head of EFG Bank AG’s Representative Office in Tel Aviv
Gerry Livnat

Rothschild & Co launches Wealth Management representative office in Israel

High-tech boom among reasons Rothschild & Co believes Israeli market has huge potential for its Wealth Management business
Danielle Dafni and Johnathan Amit Kanarek - Peech

Peech raises $8.3 million Seed funding to expand AI-driven content generation for brands

The Israeli startup has developed an NLP and AI-powered automatic video editing solution which transforms raw video footage into branded videos in seconds
Irena Ben-Yakar  Deloitte Israel

For companies, ESG efforts invite both celebration and scrutiny

01.08.22|James Spiro
Environmental, Social, and corporate Governance is becoming a mainstay for companies - to the delight and ire of many
Alon Pinhas

The tech fields that are immune even from a global crisis

19.07.22|Alon Pinhas
"At the end of the day we should remember that for investors the best time to invest is now. Entrepreneurs are begging for money, multipliers have gone down and it's time to go in and invest," writes Alon Pinhas
וול סטריט ירידות שערים

Coatue's secret presentation rocks high-tech with grim prediction

14.07.22|Sophie Shulman
The American investment fund outlined the depth of the crisis in a presentation prepared for its investors. Coatue cites Lemonade as an example of a "broken business model" and is expecting further drops, but recommends Tesla and Nvidia as good buys
Board of governors

BIRD Foundation approves $7.9 million funding for nine new projects

The approved projects involve innovations in the areas of drones, energy efficiency, environment protection, medical devices, pharma, software, and AI
יזהר שי יו"ר חברת ההשקעות peak

Izhar Shay leading $5.5 million investment in startup Spiritt

05.07.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s platform enables the development of complex apps by orally describing the concept to a computer without the need to write code
brian friedman

From Colorado to Israel: How one investment firm is helping fight BDS

30.05.22|Yafit Ovadia
“Israeli markets are growing. There are strong returns, and plenty of good opportunities to invest in Israel,” says Brian Friedman, co-founder of Israel Investment Advisors
רון דניאל מנכ"ל ליקווידיטי

Liquidity Group to launch $2 billion fund with Japan’s MUFG Bank

29.05.22|Golan Hazani
The fund will invest in growth companies and is set to begin investing in around a month, with the investment in each company set to stand at between $25-50 million
כנס ספייס טק

“Space tech is on the launchpad of exponential growth”

16.05.22|Yafit Ovadia
“We want to create a sustainable space economy for both life on Earth and beyond,” said TYPE5 co-founder Einat Berkovitch during SpaceTech Summit
מלאכיות הדממה אפריל- לארי אדם וידאו

"The US stock market will rise close to its historic high by the end of the year"

24.04.22|Sophie Shulman
Larry Adam, Chief Investment Officer at Raymond James, remains optimistic despite the pressure of the war in Ukraine and rising inflation. In an interview with Calcalist as part of the Sohn'X TLV conference, Adam said he does not think the US economy is facing a recession
מימין יניב זכריה ליאור יוגב ו אורי כץ מייסדי FundGuard

Investment management platform FundGuard closes $40 million Series B, including from Citi and State Street

19.04.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli startup’s SaaS platform for investment management and administration helps asset managers and fund administrators to manage mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, insurance products, and pension funds
Guy Fusion 2022

Startup Nation’s pre-Seed challenge

06.03.22|James Spiro
Guy Katsovich, Founding Partner at Fusion, speaks to CTech about investment trends and the blurring lines of investment rounds
טדי ווארדי קרן אינסייט

Insight Partners announces new $20 billion fund, remains buoyant on Israeli software

24.02.22|Meir Orbach
The U.S. VC has invested in around 75 Israeli companies to date, including the likes of Armis Security,, JoyTunes, and Lightricks
עובדי נקסט אינשורנס NEXT INSURANCE

Selling out? Why startup employees are dumping their options

21.02.22|Sophie Shulman
Some Israeli hi-tech employees seem to be in a hurry to unload their company options as quickly as they can, even at the cost of compromising on their startup's valuation. Could this be one of the first signs of air starting to escape from the startup bubble?
Shuly Galili Upwest

“I think Silicon Valley is a state of mind more than a physical place”

20.02.22|James Spiro
Shuly Galili, Co-founding Partner at UpWest, speaks to CTech about the changing roles of California and Startup Nation for Israeli companies
טל לב עמי איתי לחן נדב סופרמן Cloudinary

Cloudinary employees net $110 million in secondary deals at $2 billion company valuation

15.02.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company reached $100 million in annual recurring revenue last year with its automated, AI-powered media management platform
יאיר שניר ו אריק קליינשטיין

Is slew of small cybersecurity exits a sign of things to come?

06.02.22|Meir Orbach
“2022 will be a sobering year in which the leading companies will be separated from those that can’t keep up with the pace of growth,” said Yair Snir, Vice President, Managing Director at Dell Technologies Capital