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Are video-based platforms the future of e-commerce?

Eitan Koter, Co-CEO of Vimmi, spoke to CTech about the importance of video-based engagement

“We are developing a video-based e-commerce platform that we believe is the future of e-commerce,” said Vimmi Co-CEO Eitan Koter, speaking to CTech at Calcalist’s e-commerce event. “We believe that they are the right services to improve conversion rates, reduce shop abandonment, increase engagement and create more sales for e-commerce business owners like brands and retailers around the world.”
Founded in 2014, Vimmi is a platform that enables e-commerce companies to develop video-based e-commerce experiences. Video use cases like live shopping events, video testimonials and shoppable videos are fully embedded and integrated seamlessly and natively within the various customer journeys.
“The video aspect creates an interactive type of experience, but interactivity is not enough - it needs to be personalized,” Koter said, emphasizing the importance of integrating AI-based tools for user engagement. “Everything that we do involves a lot of big data and analytics of how users are engaging with the platform. We analyze customer journeys in the e-commerce platform itself and are enriching the data with a lot of information.”
“The idea is to help our customers go to market and differentiate themselves in the marketplace using data,” says Koter. “We see a lot of online players looking for the next-gen way of selling and this mainly revolves around interactivity, gamification, making e-commerce much more fun.”
You can watch the full interview in the video above.