CTech AIsrael Conference Ami Luttwak

Wiz CTO: “AI is probably the fastest-adopted technology in history”

Ami Luttwak, Co-founder and CTO at Wiz, spoke to CTech at AIsrael 2024 about the company’s recent acquisition of Gem Security and the GenAI space.

Ami Luttwak
(Photo: Calcalist)

“We recently did an analysis of AI services in the cloud, and what we found is simply astonishing: we saw that almost within a year, more than 70% of cloud environments already use AI services,” said Ami Luttwak, Co-founder and CTO at Wiz. “This means that AI is probably the fastest-adopted technology in history. And this also creates a huge need now for security teams, because they need to somehow work with existing engineers, new engineers, AI scientists, and everyone across all departments, to help them use AI and ensure it's secure.”
Luttwak joined CTech during AIsarel 2024 to discuss the importance of AI, specifically in the context of Wiz's recent $350 million acquisition of Gem Security earlier in the week.
“We are focusing on cloud security, trying to reimagine and reinvent how cloud security is done in the world,” he explained. “And Gem is going to expand Wiz to become a platform that also helps you detect threats in real-time in cloud environments… it's a very exciting moment for us as a company. Gem Security is an amazing team and they have an amazing technology.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.