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Out of the Bubble
How Brocali is fighting the ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical education

Speaking as part of CTech’s Out of the Bubble Series, Amin Ali, CEO at Brocali stresses the importance of varying education

Amin Ali, CEO at Brocali

“We have a shortage in the world among all medical and healthcare providers,” explained Amin Ali, CEO at Brocali. Speaking to CTech during its visit to Misgav, Ali shared the story of Brocali - a startup working in the education space for medical professionals. “We have a high drop-off rate, more than 20% of students drop out of universities… It is estimated that above 40% of people that attend the exam fail.”
According to Ali, there are three main reasons why this happens. “One of them is the long study time required to pass these exams, second is the updated material in the medical field especially, the one drug you use today you don't use tomorrow - so you have to be updated all the time. …The third thing is that in the medical education system there is one size fits all.”
Brocali combats the unified approach to medical education by helping medical students learn the best way that suits them. “They teach you in the same way, they want everyone to understand it the same,” he continued. “There are people who understand more by reading, others by practicing information, others by visualizing information. You can’t come to a university and give one type of education and expect that everyone would understand it the same. You won’t have a creative doctor or creative healthcare providers. You will have doers instead of thinkers. These two things must be fixed in my mind,” he said.
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.