20 stories about Education
Yael Shafrir

How to win the education tech crisis? Empowering teachers is the path to triumph

24.03.24|Yael Shafrir
As the education system crashes inward, its approach to technology won't salvage it. Can the education system take the lead in technology? Is success possible? And why is it crucial to empower teachers now?
Ido Shani

Shchackim is here to bring high-tech education to Israel’s periphery

11.09.23|James Spiro
The organization offers programs for young people to learn high-tech skills and courses for workforces that need to navigate the growing presence of AI
Yael Shafrir

Empowering Generation Z and Alpha with AI: Skills for the digital age

20.08.23|Yael Shafrir
What's the connection between AI's dominance over our economy, our shaky futures, and reshaping the education landscape?
צבי גליל

"Only the Catholic Church is more conservative than universities"

14.06.23|Shahar Ilan
Dr. Zvi Galil founded Georgia Tech's computing online program which has opened up new opportunities for students, challenged the status quo, and sparked a broader conversation about the future of online education
Israel Angola

Angola looks to Israel for inspiration in its higher education system

26.02.23|James Spiro
The African country is looking at Israel’s success to help its young locals “act in a global economy as citizens of the world”
Ctech Gaming conference Dr. Vered Pnueli וידאו

Game Design attracting both artists and engineers to the industry

14.12.22|James Spiro
Dr. Vered Pnueli, Head of the Kadar Games Center at Shenkar College, spoke to CTech about what gaming means to young students
כנס מטח יוסי בידץ ו אבי ורשבסקי מנכ”ל המרכז לטכנולוגיה חינוכית ומנכ”ל MindCET

“We are at a key turning point of transition to hybrid learning”

26.10.22|Tomer Hadar
At the Shaping the Future conference, Yossi Baidatz, CEO of The Center for Educational Technology (CET), declared, “We are changing the future of education”
Ami Moyal 20

“The whole education continuum must change, from kindergarten to academia.”

Changing engineering education is the mission for Ami Moyal, president of Afeka Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering.
Prof. Ami Moyal Afeka

Afeka College’s ‘graduate profile’ hopes to tackle the local talent shortage

03.07.22|James Spiro
There are 18,000 jobs that need filling in Startup Nation. Professor Ami Moyal has joined CTech to share how the college is shaping future techies
אנדריאס שלייכר

"We have to educate people for jobs that have not yet been created”

22.05.22|Adrian Filut
According to Prof. Andreas Schleicher, Director for Education and Skills at the OECD, academia needs to adapt to the labor market, and the state needs to subsidize higher education
מייסדי מאסטרסקול, מימין: מיכאל שורפ, עותני לוי, ערן קליקסמן, רועי ציקורל

Masterschool announces $100 million Seed round to build network of tech career-training schools

18.05.22|Meir Orbach
The Israeli company, which had been bootstrapped since its founding in 2019, has developed a network through which tech creators and industry experts launch schools, teaching and mentoring students with a curriculum that prepares them for careers in tech
Amin Ali Out of the Bubble וידאו

How Brocali is fighting the ‘one size fits all’ approach to medical education

17.05.22|James Spiro
Speaking as part of CTech’s Out of the Bubble Series, Amin Ali, CEO at Brocali stresses the importance of varying education
יעל שפריר

Learning under uncertainty

07.03.22|Yael Shafrir
The only thing we know is that we don’t know what happens next - whether that’s the healthcare system or the education system. So how can we help our children learn better?
Amitai Armon Intel

We must prepare our homework in Artificial Intelligence

09.02.22|Dr. Amitai Armon
“Our lives are being increasingly affected by Artificial Intelligence systems, we should integrate the acquaintance with this technology into Israel’s education system,” writes Dr. Amitai Armon, Chief Data Scientist, IT AI Group, Intel
יעל שפריר

An international crisis hits the education system, and workplaces pay the price

20.01.22|Yael Shafrir
What is the connection between the school crisis, high-tech challenges and the problems of the labor market? What can be done about this, and how does it relate to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals?
יאיר שפירא

The education technology dilemma – how to penetrate a resistant market?

09.12.21|Yair Shapira
Succeeding in edtech may take more than innovative technology, excellent user interface, or proven academic progression
יעל שפריר

How to make education relevant again? Six areas that need to be revolutionized

12.08.21|Yael Shafrir
In order "to find real solutions that will truly make an impact, it is important to look inward at the psychology of this generation, to not shy away from an educational revolution" writes Yael Shafrir
ילדה משחקת בטאבלט

How one startup is helping parents assess their children's development

06.08.21|Yafit Ovadia
GiantLeap’s automated platform aids parents to assess their children’s cognitive and social-emotional development from home