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Hila Amsalem, VP Global HR in Glassbox.

"No one is left alone." Glassbox's moving project to visit the funerals and swearing-ins of the victims of the massacre

Not just donations and logistical assistance: Glassbox employees and managers were able to support and strengthen the families of the victims of the massacre by attending swearings and funerals. They listened to the stories of the murdered, completed a minyan when asked, and made phone calls for comfort and encouragement

The October 7 massacre led to heavy loss to many families across Israel. There are thousands of families whose loved ones were murdered or who were considered missing for a period of time and discovered dead. Families often want to tell their loved ones' stories, get a hug, and generally feel less alone. The founders of Glassbox, who since Black Saturday have been active in many arenas and have been partners in a number of blessed aid projects, recognized this understandable human need, and out of a humane place and a desire to support and comfort the families, led a project in which the company's employees participate in the funerals and swearing-in of the victims of the massacre.
The company explains that this is not specific volunteering but rather a lateral project, carried out throughout the country and really divided in an orderly manner according to regions, names, and visiting hours, to which the company's representatives come in groups and with refreshments. The company's staff also responds to special requests, such as completing a minyan and participating in prayers.
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Hila Amsalem vp global hr in glassbox
Hila Amsalem vp global hr in glassbox
Hila Amsalem, VP Global HR in Glassbox.
(Yael Herman)
The company explains that in all the condolences they attended, "we were so moved to see that the families were happy about the visit, which allowed them to share and passed on some of the good that their loved ones left in the world. The company's employees got to hear amazing stories and get to know beautiful souls and were privileged to be a partner in commemorating them."
In addition to initiating visits, the company has conducted a variety of volunteer activities and has mobilized to help in a variety of ways. For example, the company's HR team led an initiative to assist evacuees in job search and career focus through individual counseling.