Yoav Landman ועידת Ctech ענן

“Most companies today prefer to be multi-cloud”

Yoav Landman, Founder and CTO at JFrog, outlines the multi-cloud approach and the future of hybrid services

Yoav Landman, Founder and CTO at JFrog

“Most companies today, especially large companies, prefer to be multi-cloud,” explained Yoav Landman, Founder and CTO at JFrog. “So when you're building your application, you don't want to put all the eggs in one basket, you want to be able to move between clouds. Not just for resiliency, but also sometimes because one cloud is better than the other, so maybe it has better machines for certain purposes.”
JFrog manages what it calls the software supply chain for companies that are creating software - something which Landman claims relates to “virtually any company” today. “The workload we are seeing today is multi-cloud, and JFrog is also hybrid, so a lot of workloads are still in legacy on-prem but also in edges, so in edge devices or edge locations that are closer to you.”
He continued: “I think we will see much more of this model which will disrupt the classical cloud provider premise of having large data centers in dozens of locations around the world. I think we are going to see thousands of locations around the world running your software as if it were running locally. This is the big change I anticipate coming, and JFrog is building products targeting this new revolution.”
You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.