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“Banking, in general, has a crucial role in the tech industry”

Guy Navon Ph.D., Head of Discount-Tech, spoke to CTech about banking’s role in Startup Nation

Guy Navon PhD, Head of Discount-Tech

“Banking, in general, has a crucial role in the tech industry,” explained Guy Navon Ph.D., Head of Discount-Tech. “It's been a while since banks were not in this industry and this industry was ruled only by VCs. Now we are playing together. VCs and banks support companies to scale up, and go from Startup Nation to Scaleup Nation.”
Many fans of Startup Nation will recognize the relationship between founders and VCs. However, the banking sector has also had a prominent role in the sector and works with VCs to help entrepreneurs get the funding and credit they need.
He continued: “If you are an entrepreneur that wants to build a company for the long run, to be profitable, you first of all start with the early-stage VCs, this is the venture risk. After having enough ARR [annual recurring revenue], good product-market fit, and good KPIs, you go to the banks and you also get a credit line, a venture term loan from the banks and then the VCs and the banks support the company together.”
You can learn more about the synergy in the video above.