Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion

Mind the Tech London 2023
A "boost for Jerusalem": German biotech company to open vaccine manufacturing plant in capital

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion revealed at the Mind The Tech conference in London that the German company BioNTech SE, developer of the coronavirus vaccine together with Pfizer, signed an agreement with the municipality to establish a factory for the development and production of mRNA vaccines in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion
(Credit: Hagay Dekel)

"I want to begin by sharing with you, some exciting news which has great economic significance," Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Lion told the attendees at the 2023 Mind the Tech Conference in London. "The entire world faced the Coronavirus pandemic, which took so many of our loved ones, and impacted all our lives. It damaged our health, and caused great harm to our economies. One of the miracles that led us out of this dark time was the work of BioNTech, a German company which developed the mRNA-based vaccine for Pfizer. I can now share with you that from here I will be travelling to Germany to visit the company’s headquarters. Because, we just have signed an agreement with the Israeli government and BioNTech to build and establish, a development, research, and production center, for mRNA-based vaccines, in Jerusalem. We are doing it in cooperation with Hadassah Hospital and the Hebrew University. This is a huge vote of confidence in Jerusalem's economy and eco-system and a huge boost to Jerusalem's economy."
Lion went on to speak about the high-tech growth in Jerusalem and concluded his remarks by extending an open invitation to visit Israel’s capital city. “I invite you all to come to Jerusalem to help us all realize the opportunity.
You can watch his full remarks in the video above.