Ofek 16 satellite on its way to space.

Israel Aerospace Industries strikes $1 billion spy satellite deal with Morocco

IAI Chairman Amir Peretz flew to Morocco via a European country in recent days to sign the deal, which had been kept secret until now 

In the midst of the war in Gaza, Israel is deepening its security ties with Morocco. According to foreign publications, Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) will provide Morocco with an intelligence satellite as part of a deal worth approximately one billion dollars.
A report by La Tribune in France states that Israel and Morocco agreed on the deal at the end of 2023, and it was signed in recent days. The IAI satellite is expected to be delivered in about five years, replacing the two Airbus satellites currently used by Morocco—Mohammed VI-A and Mohammed VI-B. According to the French publication, Morocco's moves aim to improve its military capabilities in air, land, and sea defense.
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שיגור ה לווין אופק 16
שיגור ה לווין אופק 16
Ofek 16 satellite on its way to space.
(Photo: IAI)
Earlier Tuesday, IAI reported to the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange about a contract it signed with an undisclosed party. According to the IAI, the contract entails payments based on compliance with established milestones over a period of about five years. The stock exchange announcement did not specify the nature of the contract.
Security sources confirmed to Calcalist that IAI's announcement refers to the giant deal for the supply of the intelligence satellite. Additionally, Calcalist learned that in recent days, IAI Chairman Amir Peretz flew to Morocco via a European country to sign the deal, which has been kept secret until now.
Morocco is among the countries that are part of the "Abraham Accords" that have normalized their relations with Israel in recent years after many years of managing their relations secretly. Following the normalization of relations, IAI has already sold an advanced Barak 8 air defense system to Morocco for half a billion dollars, with most components already supplied to the Moroccan army.
Defense sources told Calcalist that Peretz promoted both the Barak 8 system deal and the satellite deal with Morocco based on his connections with senior officials in the country. IAI has extensive activity in the field of intelligence and communication satellites developed and manufactured in its missile and space division. Among other projects, it is responsible for the development and production of the Ofek series of intelligence satellites used by Israel's defense system.
In response to Calcalist's questions about Peretz's trip to Morocco to sign the satellite deal, IAI stated that "the company does not comment on reports about its transactions and does not provide information about trips made by the chairman."