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מל"ט מתאבד הארופ התעשייה האווירית

Israeli 'kamikaze' drones in high demand amidst Gaza war, as IAI nets $145 million in deals

24.11.23|Yuval Azulay
Israel Aerospace Industries signed two separate agreements with two countries for long range loitering munitions, which are designed to loiter above the battlefield and attack targets by crashing into them and exploding

Azerbaijan acquiring two reconnaissance satellites from Israel

Israel Aerospace Industries and the space agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan - Azercosmos, announced the agreement on the Azersky-2 program
טנק ברק צה"ל טנק הברק

Israel unveils its battle tank of the future

19.09.23|Yuval Azulay
The new tank is equipped with sensors and artificial intelligence capabilities to identify targets and threats. The budget for the production of several dozen such tanks is about $260 million
תותח אטמוס של אלביט מערכות

Rising demand for weapons bolsters Israeli defense companies' sales to all-time highs

30.08.23|Yuval Azulay
Data for the second quarter of 2023 reveals the growth of the defense industries, which are thriving globally while high-tech continues to take hits
טיל חץ 3 התעשייה האווירית תע"א

Arrow 3 missile deal: A fruit of diplomacy or necessity in the face of Russia's aggression?

17.08.23|Yuval Azulay
Tracing the origins of the groundbreaking $3.5 billion arms deal amidst geopolitical turmoil
טיל חץ

Israel's largest-ever defense deal: $3.5 billion sale of Arrow-3 missile defense system to Germany approved

17.08.23|CTech and Reuters
The full contract is set to be signed by the end of 2023 after the U.S. gave its go ahead to the deal on Thursday. Germany is expecting the Arrow 3 system to be delivered in the final quarter of 2025
David's Sling קלע דוד

We'll always have Paris: Geopolitical shakeup means big business for Israel's defense sector

26.06.23|Yuval Azulay
Israel Aerospace Industries, Rafael, Elbit and others showed out in full force in the Paris Air Show after a record year in which Israel exported a record $12.5 billion in defense products
מל"ט של אלביט מסוג Watchkeeper X

Israel defense exports reached record $12.5 billion last year, including a quarter to Arab partners

The 2022 figures marked a 50% increase over the previous three years and a doubling in volume over the previous decade
ניסוי טיל חץ 3 ב אלסקה ארה"ב צה"ל

Israel Aerospace Industries nears $5 billion in sales in record-setting 2022

09.03.23|Yuval Azulay
Following the war in Ukraine and the arms race around the world, the IAI saw its sales increase 11% on the previous record from 2021, with the net profit jumping by 44% to approximately $213 million
מלט הרון 1 מ תוצתרת ה תעשייה ה אווירית

Israel Aerospace Industries lands $1 billion in drone deals

20.09.22|Udi Etsion
With the war in the Ukraine demonstrating the importance of drones, IAI has closed two new mega deals: $600 million with an unnamed foreign country and $400 million with the Israeli Ministry of Defense
רן פוליאקין מנכ"ל ננוקס

SixAI to invest $40 million to help commercialize IAI’s military technology

27.10.21|Udi Etsion
As part of the agreement, Israel Aerospace Industries will make its in-house technologies available to SixAI as well as its laboratory services and experimental facilities. Poliakine: "Image processing that enables a missile to detect a target can also greatly upgrade CT scan capabilities"
לוויין של התעשייה האווירית

IAI unveils new mini satellite, cloud capabilities at Dubai Expo

26.10.21|Yafit Ovadia
The aerospace company unveiled its new mini communication satellite, and launched a cloud-based ground station for satellite-generated data
מנכ"ל הליסו יונתן גיפמן וטימו סטפלר

German lunar shuttle to fly Israeli Helios hardware to the Moon

18.10.21|Yafit Ovadia
The OHB corporation signed an agreement with the Israeli space tech startup to send its lunar mining hardware to the Moon by 2025
הגנת סייבר נטאפ

Israel Aerospace Industries to attend CyberTech Global week in Dubai for the first time

CyberTech is the largest networking event for the cyber industry outside of the U.S.
כיפת ברזל עזה 13.11.18

Israel's defense industries owed NIS 1 billion by country

30.03.21|Udi Etsion
The absence of a budget and the delay in the approval of the IDF's multi-year plan are preventing the transfer of funds from the Ministry of Defense to Israel Aerospace Industries, Elbit and Rafael
Detroit Self Driving Car Mobileye

Elta Systems to lead Israel’s new smart mobility cybersecurity center

28.02.21|Udi Etsion
The center is being founded as part of the preparations for vehicles that will be able to communicate with users as well as transport infrastructure like traffic lights, command and control centers, and charging facilities
מל"ט הרמס 900

Signs of Peace? Israeli companies to openly take part in Abu Dhabi weapons exhibition

27.01.21|Udi Etsion
As part of the agreement, companies from the Gulf's defense sector will also take part in Israeli exhibition in June
מכ"מ MMR של אלתא

Slovakia signs $182 million deal to become latest NATO member to purchase Israel’s MMR radar

14.01.21|Udi Etsion
The acquisition of the radar, which detects airborne threats and calculates their threat level, comes at a time in which several Eastern European countries are bolstering their military capabilities in light of Russia's aggressive actions over recent years
ועידת התחזיות 31.12.19  הראל לוקר יו"ר תעשייה אווירית

Israel Aerospace Industries chairman to depart after leading company to $4 billion annual revenue

During Harel Locker's tenure, which began in September 2017, Israel's largest defense contractor presented its largest profits since the company was established