Kibbutz Beeri following Hamas' attack.

Over 220 VCs come out in support of Israel

“Israel has shown up time and time again for the world in times of need, it is now our time to step up to the plate and to support Israel and the Jewish people,” read the letter signed by the venture capital funds

More than 220 venture capital funds have signed a letter of support for Israel following the terrorist attack by Hamas, which left over 1,300 Israelis dead, mainly civilians.
“We stand united in our support for the nation of Israel, and we condemn the senseless and barbaric acts of terrorism that have occurred in the past week,” the letter read. “While we hope and pray for peace in the region, we also acknowledge Israel's right to defend itself from Hamas, and all other terrorist organizations who threaten the very existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people.”
The statement by the VCs noted how “Israel has been an enduring partner to the global innovation ecosystem, fostering groundbreaking technological advancements and startup innovation. The nation's contribution to the world in terms of technology, research, and entrepreneurship is invaluable, and we hold deep respect for its unwavering commitment to progress.
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מלחמת עזה קיבוץ בארי בית הרוס 12.10.2023
מלחמת עזה קיבוץ בארי בית הרוס 12.10.2023
Kibbutz Beeri following Hamas' attack.
(Photo: Gadi Kablo)
“The recent terrorist attacks in Israel have been truly heart-wrenching, as we bear witness to the devastation they've wrought and the innocent lives they've tragically claimed. It is our hope that stability and safety can be restored and the hostages safely returned, enabling the talented entrepreneurs and startups in Israel and abroad to continue their vital work in shaping a better future for all.
“Israel has shown up time and time again for the world in times of need, it is now our time to step up to the plate and to support Israel and the Jewish people.”
Earlier this week, a significant number of foreign venture capital funds expressed their support for Israel and even made donations to various Israeli rescue organizations. Among the contributing funds is Insight Partners, which issued a statement of support and condemnation for the tragic events affecting Israel.
They announced a donation of one million dollars to various Israeli entities and pledged to match additional donations of up to one million dollars made by investors, entrepreneurs, or any other individuals.
Similarly, the American investment giant General Catalyst, which has recently opened offices in Israel and invested in several local companies, has committed to investing $250,000 in local support organizations. Other funds that expressed support but did not make financial contributions include GGV and KKR.
The firms that signed the letter include:

Access Capital

America’s Frontier Fund


Aliavia Ventures

Alicorn Venture Partners

Alive Israel HealthTech Fund

Altari Ventures

Altitude Ventures

Angular Ventures

Anterra Capital

Arpegio Ventures

Artico Ventures

ATTA Ventures

Autonomy Ventures

Avid Ventures

Avila VC

Awesome People Ventures

Azure Capital Partners

Banter Capital

Bain Capital Ventures

Barrel Ventures

Bessemer Ventures Partners

BBG Ventures

Blue Future Partners

Better Tomorrow Ventures

BlueRed Partners

Blumberg Capital


Bria Fund

Cambridge Capital

Canvas Ventures


Cardumen Capital


Centre Street Partners

Cervin ventures

Chapter One

Clear Current Capital

Cohen Circle

Compound Ventures

Coolwater Capital

Corner Ventures

Counterpart Ventures

Crosscut Ventures

Distributed Ventures

Dynamic Loop Capital

EBF Capital

Eclipse VC

Elevata Ventures

Everywhere Ventures

Expanding Capital

Exor Ventures

E44 Ventures

Farmhand Ventures

Fika Ventures

Fin Capital

Fintop Capital

Four Acres Capital

FinSec Innovation Lab

First Rays Venture Partners

Firstime Ventures

FLORA Ventures

Flint Capital

Forum Ventures

Fresh Fund

Fresh Start Foodtech Incubator

Gambit Partners

Geek Ventures

Gefen Capital

GGV Capital

Golden Ventures

Good Company Ventures

Good Seed Ventures

Gravity Climate Fund

Green Egg Ventures

Greensoil Investments

Ground Up Ventures

Halcyon Aegis

Hanaco Ventures

Happy Ventures

Hawke Ventures


Headline Ventures

Hetz Ventures

Hitchhiker Ventures

Hubraum Ventures


Hustle & Trust Ventures

Hyde Park Venture Partners

Ibex Investors

IL Ventures


Israeli Mapped in NY Ventures

iVentures Asia

Innovation Endeavors

Insight Partners

Interlock Capital


Joule Ventures

Joyful VC

Kaya Ventures

Klass Capital

Kompas VC

Lanta Capital Holdings

Latitud Ventures

LDR Ventures

Leaders Fund

Leverage VC


LIP Ventures

Looking Glass Capital

lool ventures

Lorimer Ventures

Maccabee Ventures

Magenta Venture Partners

Mangrove Capital Partners

Maniv Mobility

Marketplace Capital

Marque VC

Maven Ventures

Mensch Capital Partners

Mercer Ventures

Merlin Ventures

Meron Capital


Milk & Honey Ventures

Mission Ventures

MizMaa Ventures

MS&AD Ventures


NevaTeam Partners

Nomadic Ventures

Ocean azul Partners

Nexxus Capital Management


Olive Tree Ventures

OneLine Venture Capital

One Travel Ventures

Origins Fund

Overton VC

Oxx Ventures

Pari Passu Venture Partners

Park Rangers Capital

PICO Venture Partners

Pitango Venture Capital

Red Beard Ventures

Rhodium Ventures

Rich Products Ventures

Recursive Ventures

RedBlue Capital

Relay Ventures


Revent Ventures

Rief Ventures

Ripple Ventures

Riverside Ventures

Room40 Ventures

Root Ventures

RRE Ventures

R-Squared Ventures

SaaS Ventures

Samaipata Ventures

Sarona Ventures

Savyon Ventures

Seaside Ventures

Selah Ventures

SHAKTI Ventures

Shorewind Capital

Sienna Venture Capital

Smart Agro Fund

Social Impact Capital

Sony Innovation Fund

Stageone Ventures

Starting Line

Step Ahead Capital

Storytime Capital

Strada Holdings

Supernode Ventures

Sway Ventures

Sweetwood Ventures

Tami Holzman Investments


Tectonic Capital

The Kitchen FoodTech Hub

The Venture Collective

The Worldwide Supply Chain Federation

81 Collection

Timeless Ventures

Tiferes Ventures

Titan Ventures

TLV Partners

Torch Capital


Truffle Ventures

Two Lanterns Venture Partners

Tundra Ventures

Union Labs VC


Unwritten Capital

Upfront Ventures

UpWest VC


Vector Capital

Venture in Security Angel Syndicate

Verdure Capital Management

Versatile VC

Vesey Ventures

Viewpoint Ventures

Vine Stone Ventures

Vine Ventures

Viola Ventures

Walkabout Ventures

Wealthing VC Fund

Whitecap Venture Partners

Wellness Growth Ventures


YL Ventures

ZORA Ventures

186 Ventures


91 Ventures

97212 Ventures