20 stories about Gaza
העבודות להקמת נמל ימי בעזה

An inside look at the Gaza maritime pier being built by the IDF and US military

27.04.24|Yuval Sade
U.S. troops have begun construction of a maritime pier off the coast of Gaza while the IDF is setting up a 67-acre area on land designated for operational purposes and the transit of goods
פרופ' שי דוידאי לאחר שנחסמה כניסתו ל אוניברסיטת קולומביה 22.4.24

"I prefer to be unemployed than continue working at a university with Hamas supporters"

24.04.24|Roni Dori
“I am very worried for the Jewish students. People are injecting terror into the campus,” says Prof. Shai Davidai, whose entrance to Columbia University was blocked amid the tumultuous anti-Israel demonstrations
פועלים פלסטינים ב מעבר אייל ליד קלקיליה

New Palestinian government confronts economic meltdown, Gaza destruction

31.03.24|Doron Peskin
Incoming Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Mohammed Mustafa issued a stark warning about the looming economic catastrophe
אלכס קארפ מנכ"ל פאלנטיר פלנטיר Palantir

Palantir CEO stands firm in support of Israel despite employee departures

“From my perspective, it’s not just about Israel,” added Alex Karp in an interview to CNBC. “It’s like, ‘Do you believe in the West? Do you believe the West has created a superior way of living?’”
מלחמת עזה חיילי צה"ל ב מנהרה מתחת לבית החולים שיפא 22.11.23

Israel uncovers top secret subterranean Hamas data center under UNRWA's Gaza headquarters

10.02.24|CTech and Reuters
The data center built by Hamas included an electrical room and living quarters for Hamas IT staff
כוחות צה"ל ב רצועת עזה מלחמה בעזה

21 soldiers killed in deadliest IDF incident of Gaza war

Two buildings collapsed while IDF fighters were inside. The initial investigation shows that the fighters were hit by an RPG missile fired by Hamas terrorists, with the collapse of the buildings likely a result of mines planted by troops to demolish the structures
Oren Visionary CES

From Gaza to CES: When Israel's tech sector balances both worlds

11.01.24|James Spiro
Israeli entrepreneurs are flying from the battleground to the playground, temporarily putting war aside to show off Startup Nation
כלי נשק מוברחים לישראל וידאו

From an M16 to an AK47: How much do smuggled firearms cost on the streets?

04.01.24|Tomer Ganon
The smuggling of weapons and drugs returned to the headlines following the war in Gaza, but Israel has been struggling to deal with this problem for many years
ועידת תחזיות - יואל אסתרון מול כלכליסט

10 essential national tasks for the new year

27.12.23|Yoel Esteron
2024 will be at least as critical as 1974. Therefore, in order not to sink into a lost decade like after the Yom Kippur War, we need to start a national reform now, says Calcalist Publisher Yoel Esteron
טנק של צה"ל ב עזה מלחמת עזה 25.12.23

War with Hamas to cost Israel at least another $14 billion in 2024 and result in a near-tripling of budget deficit

Briefing lawmakers, the Finance Ministry said the war was expected to stretch at least two months into 2024, adding 30 billion shekels for security and another 20 billion for civilian and other expenses
Kenaf Avishay

“We had to stop some of the activities because our colleagues were murdered in Kfar Gaza”

Kenaf Ventures has joined CTech to discuss how the 7/10 massacre has affected its business in Israel’s southern region.
ספינה של צים בנמל הסמוך ל שנגחאי  סין

Cost of shipping containers from China to Mediterranean up 44% amid Red Sea Houthi attacks

The attacks have put a chokehold on ship passages through the Suez Canal, which handles about 12% of worldwide trade
מזוודת כסף שמצא צה"ל בביתו של בכיר חמאס מלחמה בעזה 18.12.23

Suitcases with over $1.3 million in cash seized in home of Hamas official in Gaza

The IDF found the cash in two suitcases in an abandoned house in the Gaza Strip, along with many weapons belonging to the terrorist organization
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל חיילים מלחמה מלחמת עזה

Bank of Israel: Gaza war to cost economy over $50 billion

27.11.23|Adrian Filut, Zvi Zerahia, Reuters
Israel’s budgetary costs for the war (expenditures + loss of income) are expected to total 198 billion shekels (approximately $53 billion) - about 10% of GDP
אלון מאסק ביקור בכפר עזה עם נתניהו ומ"מ ראש מועצת שער הנגב, יוסי קרן

Elon Musk backs Israel's campaign against Hamas amid Gaza War

Musk expressed support for Israel's objectives during X Spaces discussion with Prime Minister Netanyahu
האוניה CMA CGM של עידן עופר

Report: Israeli-owned cargo ship attacked by Iranian drone in Indian Ocean

The cargo ship, flying the flag of Malta but owned by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, was reportedly attacked by Iranian drone Shahed 136