20 stories about Gaza
אמיר ירון נגיד בנק ישראל חיילים מלחמה מלחמת עזה

Bank of Israel: Gaza war to cost economy over $50 billion

27.11.23|Adrian Filut, Zvi Zerahia, Reuters
Israel’s budgetary costs for the war (expenditures + loss of income) are expected to total 198 billion shekels (approximately $53 billion) - about 10% of GDP
אלון מאסק ביקור בכפר עזה עם נתניהו ומ"מ ראש מועצת שער הנגב, יוסי קרן

Elon Musk backs Israel's campaign against Hamas amid Gaza War

Musk expressed support for Israel's objectives during X Spaces discussion with Prime Minister Netanyahu
האוניה CMA CGM של עידן עופר

Report: Israeli-owned cargo ship attacked by Iranian drone in Indian Ocean

The cargo ship, flying the flag of Malta but owned by Israeli billionaire Idan Ofer, was reportedly attacked by Iranian drone Shahed 136
החטופים הישראלים מוסעים על ידי הצלב האדום למצרים

13 women and children were released from Hamas captivity in Gaza and returned to Israel

Over 200 Israelis are still in the captivity of the terrorist organization Hamas after being abducted from their homes in kibbutzim and towns in Israel on October 7
מגדל פיקוח שדה תעופה בלגיה  מטוס GPS

Global aviation faces challenges amid surges in electronic warfare in the Middle East

23.11.23|Elihay Vidal
European and American aviation regulators have warned that deliberate interference with navigation systems leads to flights being diverted to alternative routes and pilots receiving inaccurate reports of their location

IDF recruits thousands of civilian vehicles for military use

21.11.23|Tomer Hadar
The Israeli army has enlisted a wide variety of private vehicles, including forklifts, motorcycles, trucks, and vans, from civilian companies and institutions. Usage fees paid by the army range from hundreds of shekels to thousands of shekels per day
Hila Amsalem  Glassbox

“We've extended a hand to recruit workers from areas near Gaza.”

08.11.23|James Spiro
Glassbox has been working hard to keep operations under control as its workforce heads to the frontline.
מטה חברת באידו בייג'ינג סין Baidu

Wiped off the map: Chinese tech giants erase Israel

05.11.23|Viki Auslender
In a move that reflects the lining up of the tech world behind nationalist lines drawn by the leading powers, Israel no longer appears on the online maps of the Chinese giants Baidu and Alibaba. The technology cannot profit from this
מחווה ל חטופים ב יפן

Japan, the Czech Republic and Starbucks: unexpected demonstrations of support for Israel

05.11.23|Viki Auslender
Amid expressions of hatred, companies and global leaders are standing by Israel. From senior politicians to the toy giant Mattel, Israel has received support, sometimes from surprising sources.
סניף בנק ברקליס ב לונדון

Terror fundraiser: Even after the massacre, Hamas keeps collecting donations through crypto and banks

26.10.23|Viki Auslender
Although the Israeli police announced the freezing of the terrorist organization's accounts in crypto and Barclays Bank, access has been opened again and donations are flowing in. The cutting of resources of global enforcement bodies is a major factor that makes this possible
טום גלוסר לשעבר מנכ"ל רויטרס משתתף בדיון במהלך הפורום הכלכלי העולמי בדאבוס

Former Reuters CEO: After Israel's soldiers return from reserves, they will establish amazing companies

25.10.23|Sophie Shulman
Tom Glocer ran Reuters for 10 years and today is an active high-tech investor and sits on the boards of leading companies. He believes that the perception of Israel as invincible must be restored, and predicts the current war will give a boost to a new generation of start-ups.
משאית חמאס שחדרה ל ישראל ליד רכב טויוטה עם נשק מקלע ש שימש חוליית מחבלים

Trucks run amok: Hamas has been using indestructible Toyota trucks for years

25.10.23|Ilan Goldman
The image of the white Toyota truck, loaded with terrorists, speeding through the streets of Sderot, will never be forgotten in Israel, but Hamas' fleet of vehicles has been known for years