Collecting donations in Tel Aviv.

Israeli tech companies rally to support IDF soldiers and victims of Hamas terror

Mobileye will donate NIS 5 million to non-profit institutions that help the residents of the south, Israel's Economic Leaders Forum raised NIS 28 million from about 250 companies, and Bank Hapoalim is establishing a loan fund of NIS 750 million with no interest

Autotech company Mobileye announced that it will donate NIS 5 million to non-profit institutions that help the residents of the south of Israel. The money will help those who need alternative housing, medicine, and supplement of missing supplies. The donations will be transferred to organizations in cooperation with the Matan association.
President and CEO of Mobileye, Prof. Amnon Shashua said: "Israel is in difficult times. We are launching an aid program for the victims of the war. We share in the deep sorrow of the families of the dead, praying for the peace of the wounded and missing, and support the security forces and IDF soldiers."
Tech company JFrog said it would donate $1.5 million to help in rebuilding one of the towns destroyed by Hamas' attack.
Tipalti, a global finance automation platform, announced that it has raised and donated funds for humanitarian relief efforts for those displaced and impacted by the recent attacks in Israel. Five Israeli charitable organizations will collectively receive donations totaling 2.5 million NIS based on contributions from Tipalti, its employees, and Tipalti investors and through its online fundraising efforts.
Israeli gaming company Overwolf has is raising donations for equipment and food for IDF soldiers in the front-line. The equipment and food is purchased by the company's employees and distributed to soldiers all across the country.
Fintech company Rapyd has established a dedicated ‘war room’ whose purpose is to stop funds transferred to terrorist organizations in the world.
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מלחמת עזה איסוף תרומות מפוני עוטף עזה כיכר דיזמגוף תל אביב מבצע חרבות ברזל
מלחמת עזה איסוף תרומות מפוני עוטף עזה כיכר דיזמגוף תל אביב מבצע חרבות ברזל
Collecting donations in Tel Aviv.
(Photo: Moti Kimchi)
SQLink Group donated boxes of materials and supplies to "Haachim" restaurant in Tel Aviv, which prepared and cooked dishes and sandwiches for delivery to the southern sector of Israel. Group employees went shopping in equipment stores for soldiers and purchased bras, socks, towels, underwear, thermal clothing, hats, hygiene products, portable chargers, etc. - and transported the equipment to soldiers who needed it in the southern and northern sectors.
Israel's Economic Leaders Forum raised NIS 28 million for support and assistance to the residents of the south. The recruitment was done from some 250 companies whose heads are members of the business forum. The forum decided to collect donations from its members with large companies contributing 270,000-540,000 shekels, medium-sized companies 120,000-180,000 and small companies between 75,000-90,000 shekels.
Each company decided on the exact scope of its contribution. "Our country is going through difficult times that we did not imagine in our worst dreams and unfortunately also difficult days are ahead of us," the forum's appeal reads. Hay Galis, CEO of Big Shopping Centers, is responsible for collecting the donations. The forum was established last year.
Bank Hapoalim announced a series of measures for residents who live up to 40 km from Gaza and for customers who have been drafted into the reserves. For these populations, the bank will establish a loan fund in the amount of NIS 750 million, which will be used for bridging loans, where no interest will be charged on these loans. The loans will be given for up to 3 months in the amount of up to NIS 25,000 for a private customer, and NIS 100,000 for businesses. In addition, the bank will allow the freezing of existing loans for two months at no cost - that is, without cumulative interest and additional fees. Also, an exemption from current account fees will be granted for a period of 3 months.
In addition to this, Bank Hapoalim published a number of other offers that will be open to all of its customers: it will be possible to receive loans at the prime interest rate (that is, at an interest rate of 6.25%) for 3 years (in accordance with the underwriting rules at the bank), it will be possible to break existing deposits of up to NIS 100,000 without cost, and it is also possible to spread out payments by credit cards for the month of November for a period of 3 months at no cost. Bank Hapoalim also operates a new emergency hotline at the number 2499*, intended for customers who need immediate assistance following the situation.
First published: 17:28, 10.10.23