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Payoneer VP Operations: “We'll be better by evolving from this challenge”

Payoneer VP Operations Customer Journey Daphna Beer-Gabel spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s 2024 Forecasts event about delivering as a global company.

“The focus has been on making sure that what people here are as okay as can be and they get support - people in reserve duty and spouses - and also some mental support if required, and making sure that we are resilient as a company,” says Daphna Beer-Gabel, VP Operations Customer Journey at Payoneer, speaking to CTech at Calcalist’s 2024 Forecasts event in Tel Aviv. Payoneer is a global FinTech company that provides online payments and digital solutions to support businesses and individuals around the world.
“In parallel, of course, we've made sure that, in terms of [our] ability to deliver to our customers and to the market, we are as good as needed. That's really the strength of having a global operation from my point of view. I have hubs around the world, so we immediately set up the infrastructure to make sure that we can continue, in terms of our customers and our experience, business as usual,” explained Beer-Gabel.
In regards to the war, the hostage crisis, and the economic situation, Beer-Gabel remains optimistic. “I'm optimistic by nature and by birth.” She believes that the market will emerge stronger from this period and force us “fine-tune internally the processes, the focus to be much more accurate and precise. But, I am optimistic and I hope that we'll bring [the hostages] back home and we'll be better in what we do by evolving from this challenge.”
You can watch the full interview in the video above.