CTech Gaming Conference Guy Ben Dov

How has the gaming industry changed in the last two years?

Guy Ben Dov, Chairman at GameIS, discusses some of the changes seen in the gaming industry

Guy Ben Dov, Chairman at GameIS
(Photo: Sinay David)

“The journey is quite amazing, it feels like 10 years,” said Guy Ben Dov, Chairman at GameIS when thinking about the last two years. “We were just getting out of Covid, Covid years for gaming were very good. People stayed at home, they played more games on more platforms.”
CTech first spoke to Ben Dov in 2021 just as the world started recovering from the pandemic. GameIS is an Israeli non-profit association supporting the local digital games industry, with several volunteers who help with anything from HR, opportunities, or events to help the gaming industry thrive in Israel.
“Post-Covid, I think there was some realization of different types of growth,” he continued. “The market still grew but not in the same numbers. We've seen since about a year ago, a different shift: some companies adjusted their size to market conditions, and what came out of it was really interesting. Now we have a lot of startups that were coming with a lot of knowledge from those big companies around web3 and AI, so there's a hot startup scene again that will affect us in the coming years.”

You can watch the entire exchange in the video above.