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Israeli gaming industry reached $8.6 billion in revenue in 2021

Israel is home to some 190 gaming companies with around 14,000 employees, a 250% increase from 2017
נינטנדו אנימל קרוסינג Animal Crossing

Guy Ben-Dov: Levelling up Israel’s gaming industry

Today, Ben-Dov is the Vice President of Performance Marketing Partnerships at StreamElements - but how did he get there?
גיימר סופר פייבר 2

Game On: How gaming is transforming Israel’s startup ecosystem - and the world

This year, the gaming sector is set to make more than the movie and sports industries combined. Here are some of the Israeli superstars leading the sector
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Game Changers: The evolution of Israel’s video game industry

03.10.20|Amit Kling and Omri Rosen
Is the local gaming ecosystem ready to make the leap from casual mobile games to Triple-A titles?