Gaming 2023

9 stories about Gaming 2023
CTech Gaming Conference Yevgeny Peres

“We’re seeing very interesting trends in how gaming companies are outsmarting each other”

20.09.23|James Spiro
Yevgeny Peres, EVP Product Strategy at AppsFlyer, spoke to CTech about the gaming sector and how it has navigated growth in recent years
CTech Gaming Conference Omer Pupkin

“Competition is forcing everyone in gaming to be better”

20.09.23|James Spiro
Omer Pupkin, CMO at Baba Entertainment, spoke to CTech about how technology is affecting the gaming industry
CTech Gaming Conference Ofer Polivoda וידאו

“The gaming industry wasn't our focus industry… but they chose us”

19.09.23|James Spiro
Ofer Polivoda, GM Israel at Mixpanel, spoke to CTech about how its platform helps the gaming sector
כנס הגיימינג של ישראל אורן אהרון מנכ"ל Hour One וידאו

"Within 24 months, it will be challenging to differentiate between a real person and one created by AI"

18.09.23|Omer Kabir
Oren Aharon, CEO of the generative AI company Hour One, explained how the startup's platform allows users to create virtual reality avatars of themselves using AI technology
CTech Gaming Conference Iris de Vries וידאו

What can the gaming industry expect to see this year?

18.09.23|James Spiro
Iris de Vries, ASO Manager at Bagelcode, spoke to CTech at Gaming 2023 about AI and how it can impact the ecosystem
CTech Gaming Conference Ilan Graicer

The Israeli startup building the OpenAI of gaming

18.09.23|James Spiro
Ilan Graicer, Founder and CEO at, told CTech how his company aims to replace incumbent gaming developers with AI
CTech Gaming Conference Amnon Calev וידאו

“Interaction is something really important for our audience. Players got married thanks to Slotomania”

17.09.23|James Spiro
Amnon Calev, Slotomania's General Manager at Playtika, joined CTech to discuss how online gaming shapes our real worlds
CTech Gaming Conference Guy Ben Dov

How has the gaming industry changed in the last two years?

17.09.23|James Spiro
Guy Ben Dov, Chairman at GameIS, discusses some of the changes seen in the gaming industry
כנס הגיימינג של ישראל - פאנל משחקות אותה מימין מיטל עטיה קרן מרום אלינור שפס נגה הלפרין והמנחה מעיין כהן

"When a game introduces a female character, she may look a bit sexist, but she’s also strong and powerful"

14.09.23|Orna Yefet
A panel discussion at Calcalist’s Gaming 2023 Conference, in collaboration with Playtika and Google, focused on women in the gaming industry including female gamers and YouTubers