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Startup: Confidential
Startup Confidential

Startup Confidential
Meet "Startup: Confidential"

The secrets of startups

"Startup: Confidential" is a video series that highlights the journeys of four startups, telling the stories of their greatest challenges and how they faced their strategic junctures.
Startup consultants in Israel shadow entrepreneurs throughout their entrepreneurial career, and in that process, they get to experience, alongside the founders, the most complex transactions and challenges. Raising money for the first time, going from rags to riches and back to rags, raising big money, breaking up with founders, facing unbearable choices, dealing with overbearing shareholders, adapting their company to force majeures like the Covid-19 pandemic, losing their positions as CEOs, growing into the role of acquirers if they're big enough, and finally, selling their company – be it as part of a "sad" exit or a life changing event.
I have worked with over 500 companies over the past 15 years, and seen these stories unfold before my eyes as I advised them. I have experienced their lowest of lows and their highest of highs. And yet, I have always noticed, that no matter how many times it's been done before, founders face all of these events with serious information deficits. Those who have seen it all rarely share all their insights in depth for a variety of reasons, be it personal interests and agendas, confidentiality undertakings, or the lack of a forum that allows it.
In "Startup: Confidential" we have found the formula to share ALL the drama, together with all the lessons learned, with founders, investors, advisors, and all startup and innovation enthusiasts around the world.
The way we did it, is that we filmed such a consultant, Nimrod, in his "dates" with his tech enthusiast mate, Jordan, in which all the beans are spilt over drinks. By eavesdropping on our dates, the dramatic stories of Jive Travel, Arbitrary Incidental, and Purple Giant, will be revealed to you, and everything they learned will be yours to benefit from.
First published: 10:24, 14.03.23