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AP.3 Startup Confidential

The SAFE way

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 3: Going crazy with SAFE financings
AP.2 Startup Confidential

Moving on up

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 2: The challenge of a growth round of financing
AP.1 Startup Confidential

The Lost Founder

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 1: The lost founder tragedy
Startup Confidential

Meet "Startup: Confidential"

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
The secrets of startups
עו"ד נמרון ורומן שותף הייטק יגאל ארנון ושות' מנכ"ל חברת הייעוץ קונסיליירי

Don’t take Israeli high-tech for granted

12.12.22|Nimrod Vromen
An open letter to the next Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation
Timor _alt Nimrod

Buy-up nation: Acqui-hires - the next growth tier for Israel's startup ecosystem

29.07.22|Nimrod Vromen, Timor Arbel-Sadras
The time is ripe for acqui-hires, the purchase of one company by another to retain the business's employees, write Nimrod Vromen & Timor Arbel-Sadras, especially for startups
נמרוד ורומן

Vetoes are a weapon of mass destruction, and it is up to investors to prevent them

23.11.21|Nimrod Vromen
“Investors cannot wait on the sidelines expecting for updates from a young person on whom they catapulted $50 million, complain when updates don’t come, and treat the matters being raised for approval like Simon Cowell observing a contestant on X-Factor,” writes Nimrod Vromen