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סודותיהם של הסטרטאפים, פרק 17

"Textbook exit"

14.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 17: The Grand Finale: Unveiling the intricacies of a 'textbook exit'
סודותיהם של הסטרטאפים, פרק 16

"Synergy maybe"

14.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 16: Facing the inevitable: The unforeseen path to 'synergy maybe'
סודותיהם של הסטרטאפים, פרק 15

"Growing out of your comfort zone"

14.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 15: Bridging cultural gaps: Thriving beyond your comfort zone
סודותיהם של הסטרטאפים, פרק 14

"Reaping the fruits"

14.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 14: Rising from the ashes: Navigating the post-crisis tech landscape
סודותיהם של הסטרטאפים, פרק 13


14.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 13: Shifting Sands: The power dynamics of Private Equity investments
Startup: EP12 ITF

"In the peloton"

02.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 12: Becoming a leader in Israeli tech
Startup: EP11 RFD

"Raising from demons"

02.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 11: The treacherous world of abusive finders and deceptive angel investors
Startup: EP10 MFS

"My first secondary"

02.05.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 10: When founders make decade changing money
AP.9 Startup Confidential

"Force majeure"

24.04.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 9: Handling force majeure the right way
AP.8 Startup Confidential

"Runaway valuation"

24.04.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 8: Biting off more than you can chew
AP.7 Startup Confidential

"Crap, or get off the pot"

24.04.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 7: The initial challenges of pre-funded companies
AP.6 Startup Confidential

"Learning the ropes"

02.04.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 6: All the gossip on Corporate Venture Capital
AP.5 Startup Confidential

"My first acquihire"

02.04.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 5: Startup on startup action
AP.4 Startup Confidential

"In on the fun"

02.04.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 4: When big-US-tech meets the Startup Nation for the first time
AP.3 Startup Confidential

The SAFE way

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 3: Going crazy with SAFE financings
AP.2 Startup Confidential

Moving on up

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 2: The challenge of a growth round of financing
AP.1 Startup Confidential

The Lost Founder

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
Episode 1: The lost founder tragedy
Startup Confidential

Meet "Startup: Confidential"

20.03.23|Startup Confidential
The secrets of startups
מתכנת תכנות קוד מהנדס תוכנה מחשב מחשוב

Study confirms growing up with a silver spoon increases entrepreneurial tendencies

27.01.21|Eti Aflalo
Children of wealthy and educated parents have better chances of becoming tech founders, even if they’re not great at maths
הוועידה הכלכלית הלאומית 2016 מאיה גורה

Israel named by Mastercard as the best country for women entrepreneurs

23.11.20|Lital Samet and Maayan Manela
Mastercard Index of Women Entrepreneurs for 2020 highlighted Israel’s success in institutional backing for SMEs and its goal of doubling the number of female entrepreneurs within two years