Ben Rabinowitz of Amiti Ventures.

President Biden, the Israeli tech sector says thanks

The U.S. opened its doors to Israeli high-tech and greatly aided its development and prosperity. Now, thanks to President Joe Biden and Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides’ vocal opposition to weakening democracy in Israel, the Israeli tech sector still has a chance to thrive. Ben Rabinowitz, founder of venture capital fund Amiti Ventures, urges the President to continue with all of his power and influence

The Israeli tech sector appreciates the courage of President Biden and Ambassador Nides as they defend democracy in Israel. The Israeli tech sector can only thrive in a business environment that has an independent judiciary, checks on government overreach and corruption, and keeps Israel as an innovation partner with shared values in the family of democratic nations. The unique and very special bond between our two counties is unbreakable if Israel stays a democracy, which is obviously at risk.
We love our country and its special people, and because of that love, we are concerned. We are passionate and committed to a democratic tolerant diverse Israel and Israeli tech innovates every day to bring prosperity to Israel. We are such a young and small country, yet so productive and powerful. It is the duty of the Israeli tech sector to not give up on our country and preserve it and hopefully move it forward.
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Ben Rabinowitz Amiti Ventures
Ben Rabinowitz Amiti Ventures
Ben Rabinowitz of Amiti Ventures.
(Photo: Amiti Ventures)
We all know how much weaker bi-partisan support for Israel is these days. We also recognize that many in the U.S. are losing their interest and patience with Israel. They are not protesting for democracy in Israel; they are just no longer interested in Israel. Your voice is telling them to care and wake up before it is too late. Thank you so much.
As you both know, Martin Luther King said, “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetuate it.” You are both not passive, you love Israel deep in your bones, and so you could not stay silent. We will need you in this long battle. We know you will feel pressure from the leading U.S. Jewish organizations that reflexively support the Israeli Government and prefer you view the democracy overhaul legislation as an internal matter. We need you to explain to them that you are supporting the Israeli people, not a government focused on a messianic dictatorship.
Israeli tech truly works hard to serve the U.S. and promote our shared values. We partner together to address the world’s biggest problems from climate change to safety from cyber attacks to the war against cancer. As a U.S. citizen and a founder of an Israeli deep tech fund, we have companies that serve the many U.S. government agencies from the Department of Defense to the Department of Energy. We have portfolio companies that enable better health, safer cars, and protection from cyber attacks. We have other companies that provide the tools and platforms for the U.S. to be a leader in AI and many other areas. We are fully partnered together to make our world a better place.
We are nearly at the moment of no return. Israel tech after 25 years of being one of the top tech hubs in the world in attracting capital has since the legislation six months ago fallen to 10th according to a recent study by Viola. For Israeli tech to thrive, we must get back on our feet as a stable and true partner in the family of democratic nations. If we stay in the family of democratic nations with an independent judiciary, we have the talent and the innovation to continue to be a leading tech hub that can ensure a progressive, tolerant and strong Israel.
Please continue to stand with the Israeli tech sector and more broadly the Israeli people in promoting, perhaps the not perfect, but the leading democracy in the Middle East. We feel your love for us and it encourages us every day. You are on the right side of history.
Ben Rabinowitz is the Founder and Managing Partner of Amiti Ventures