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Dor Sarig Pillar Security

From data breaches to legal liabilities: The hidden risks of AI chatbots

22.07.24|Dor Sarig
"Implementing AI is like opening a black box; you never know what you are going to get, which makes security all the more essential," writes Pillar Security Co-Founder and CEO Dor Sarig.
ארז ברק  CTO של חברת הפינטק ארניקס

Ethics in AI: Moral or commercial interest?

08.07.24|Erez Barak
“The ethical challenge in AI models is complex, and their implementation requires companies to make significant financial investments. However, the task is within reach for any company,” writes Earnix CTO Erez Barak
Eran Entree Capital

CV to VC: How to land your next dream job

04.07.24|Eran Bielski
Job seekers get frustrated when they send out their resumes and don't get results, Eran Bielski, General Partner at Entrée Capital, suggests a different approach, sending your CV to a VC.
Yaniv lool

Reviving Israel’s AI edge requires strategic investments and attracting top talent

30.06.24|Yaniv Golan
"We must act swiftly to prioritize AI and leverage our unique strengths to remain competitive on the global stage," writes lool Ventures' Managing Partner Yaniv Golan
מרב בהט מייסדת ומנכ"לית דאזז Dazz

How can we fight AI – with AI

24.06.24|Merav Bahat
While AI brings with it a new set of threats and security challenges, Dazz CEO and co-founder Merav Bahat maintains it is precisely what will take the cyber industry to the next level.
Amit Pilowsky Key1

The stage is set for a defense tech revolution

23.06.24|Amit Pilowsky
“The geopolitical climate, soaring military budgets, and the need for innovation in modern warfare are setting the stage for a defense tech revolution,” writes Amit Pilowsky, Co-Founder and Partner at Key1 Capital 
Inifinity Labs Shahaf

The impact of AI on the world of gaming

18.06.24|Dr. Shachaf Poran
"AI is revolutionizing the gaming industry, from enhancing character behavior to streamlining game development. What the future holds for AI-driven gameplay?" asks Infinity Labs' Dr. Shachaf Poran 

Robotics: Evolution and the dawn of new opportunities

13.06.24|Itay Rand, Emmanuelle Lipski, Adi Mashash
"While the commercial robotics market is still in its infancy, the potential effect of robotics on our lives, across all categories, is immense," writes 10D 
לילך דנביץ' דירקטורית אסטרטגיה ושותפויות NTT ישראל

The next step in renewable energy: Electricity from space

12.06.24|Lilach Danewitz
"In a world grappling with increasing energy and environmental challenges and dwindling resources, there is a need to think outside the box and challenge the current perception of energy production," writes Lilach Danewitz
Andrii Bezruchko Newxel

Dirty tricks or clean victory? Why ethics are your secret weapon in business

02.06.24|Andrii Bezruchko
"One question may help you make the right decision: If someone did it to my company, would I consider this step ethical?" asks Andrii Bezruchko, CEO and founder of Newxel 
Ron Abelski

Israeli technology saved us from the Iranians. So why isn't the Israeli government saving our technology?

30.05.24|Adv. Ron Abelski
"The Israeli government should be heavily investing in financing local start-ups with additional matching programs aimed at foreign investors, and providing State-backed guarantees to protect such investments from the effects of geo-political events," writes Adv. Ron Abelski
Guy Galon

We must board the AI train to truly coexist with new technologies

29.05.24|Guy Galon
"AI and GenAI will offer better outcomes in certain domains currently performed by humans. The question is, which skillset should we prioritize and improve today?" asks Guy Galon
Hila Moran

Leveraging opportunities for women in high-tech: A beacon of optimism for Startup Nation

29.05.24|Moran Massad Hadar, Hilla Ovil Brenner
"Women's innate strengths in creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and collaborative leadership, are invaluable assets in a landscape increasingly dominated by AI-driven decision-making," write Moran Massad Hadar and Hilla Ovil Brenner
Yael Shafrir

What happens when you apply AI without disruption? Spoiler: Nothing!

28.05.24|Yael Shafrir
"The first thing is to figure out the real problem, and the second thing is to develop a smart, creative solution. AI is just the way to execute it," writes Yael Shafrir, Founder and CEO at ReShuffle
Arona TrainingCQ

The human factor: Culture's role in AI evolution

21.05.24|Arona Maskil
"The relationship between culture and AI development is undeniably complex and vital. Understanding cultural impacts is imperative for developing ethical, practical, and widely accepted AI technologies," writes Arona Maskil
מיכל קיסוס מנכ"לית פפר כנס שוק הון צעירים

Time is ripe for AI ethics to move from the sidelines to the forefront

20.05.24|Michal Kissos Hertzog
The discussion of AI regulation and ethics is on the sidelines at VivaTech this year. It will be interesting to see where the discussion will turn next year
Yair Snir Dell

AI sparked a global arms race among tech giants for electric reserves—can we maintain energy independence?

20.05.24|Yair Snir
"For Israeli entrepreneurs, the limitless electricity consumption in the AI and GAI era is an exceptional business opportunity," writes Yair Snir, Managing Partner at Dell Technologies Capital, Israel and Europe