Juganu CEO Eran Ben-Shmuel

Juganu partners with Qualcomm, Nokia, and Abdi to showcase its 5G and smart cities solutions

Juganu and Qualcomm have been collaborating for several years in smart city and communication ventures, including in Brazil and the U.S.

Juganu, an Israeli company working with Qualcomm to establish a 5G network for smart cities in Brazil and the U.S, has announced its latest developments for the retail market. The company displayed its new products during a visit to Israel by a delegation that includes the Global Head of Smart Cities and Digital Transformation at Qualcomm Sanjeet Pandit, Brazil’s Minister of Communications and additional Brazilian elected officials, the CEO of Nokia Brazil, the CEO of Qualcomm Brazil, and others.
As part of the company’s new activity in conjunction with Qualcomm in Brazil and the U.S, the 5G network of Nokia and Juganu has been integrated into buildings and streets in Brazil. Beyond that, the company has also announced its solution for the retail trade helping precise customer journey management, customer counting, customer loyalty and suspicious customer management, queue management, shelf management, image recognition, real-time messaging, and more - all while adhering to local privacy regulations.

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Juganu Eran Ben-Shmuel
Juganu Eran Ben-Shmuel
Juganu CEO Eran Ben-Shmuel
(Photo: Liat Mendel)
"We are extremely excited to have reached this moment where we can now see the company’s vision becoming a realty,” said CEO and Co-founder of Juganu, Eran Ben-Shmuel at the event. “The fact that not only international corporations, leaders from various states, and authorities across the globe understand the importance of the technology developed by Juganu is not the issue that has touched us the most, but rather the fact that here, at home in Israel, people understand that the correct deployment of wireless communications and of 5G is what will facilitate implementation of future technologies enabling us to live comfortably, efficiently and support sustainability.”
He continued: “We are extremely proud of the fact that such a distinguished delegation has come specially to Israel to experience Israeli technology that is expected to change the world, and the fact that the Ministry of Communications in Israel, headed by Minister Yoaz Hendel, is advancing this issue, working to create greater connectivity, and has expressed its trust in Juganu.”
As part of the visit, Juganu will display its capabilities to the delegation and Israel’s Ministry of Communications to promote its vision of ‘full connectivity’, said to include the metaverse, the large-scale use of electric and smart vehicles, traffic regulation, making connectivity accessible to all, and more.
“The Juganu Digital World platform aims to foster the development of smart cities by providing a comprehensive IoT solution embedded in a smart lighting product,” added Sanjeet Pandit, senior director, business development and head of smart cities, Qualcomm Technologies. “We are proud to work with Juganu to further enable cities to become smarter and more connected using our cutting-edge technologies.”
The collaboration between Juganu and Qualcomm has lasted for several years in smart city and communication ventures. In October, the company announced it would deploy smart city infrastructure in Dallas, Texas, as part of its initiative to connect 40,000 households. Qualcomm has deployed Juganu’s solution at its headquarters in California.
Juganu was founded by Ben-Shmuel and Alex Bilchinsky, who serves as the company’s CTO. Its platform integrates data on street lights and includes 5G communication systems for the ‘Internet-of-Everything’. Its technology has been deployed in 15 countries such as Israel, Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, the U.S, and Greece. The company’s development center is located in Or Yehuda (which is fully connected to its technology) and it has additional sites in the U.S, Mexico, and Brazil.