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Startup Nation United

Introducing Startup Nation United, a new series on CTech

Startup Nation United aims to shed light on how the people of Israel have united under a common vision.
Tali Gross SixtyFive 20

This young CEO solves the financial hardship of retirees with his Fintech product

07.09.23|Michael Matias and Betty Elbert
With the rising cost of living, millions of American seniors find themselves in economic hardship. Tali Gross, the CEO and Co-founder of SixtyFive, aims to empower seniors to transform their home equity into an accessible income on demand
Lior Grove 20

Lior Handelsman: "I get to see the future, like, five times a week"

08.08.23|Michael Matias and Betty Elbert
The VC investor joined Michael Matias to discuss what he looks for when trying to assess the success of tomorrow's leading companies.
Andrew Hopscotch 20

Could air taxis be the next big thing?

08.06.23|Michael Matias and Betty Elbert
Michael Matias spoke with Andrew Schmertz, the CEO of Hopscotch Air, about the growing public curiosity for the private aviation industry
Generative AI Chip

Holiday reading recommendation: 7 tech leaders using AI for social impact

11.04.23|Michael Matias and Betty Elbert
The recent calls to stop the development of systems based on artificial intelligence (AI) due to "fundamental risk to humanity" led us to return to interviews with several leaders who make a contribution to humanity thanks to AI technologies.
Roi Ben Daniel Received 20

“I want to be a CEO that drives people by conviction and by action.”

Using your own example and convictions rather than relying on your spot on the org chart results in better leadership, says Roi Ben Daniel, co-founder and CEO of Received.
Efrat Dagan Workaround 20

“It's a ‘do good’ profession because you help people find jobs.”

Interviewing candidates in the hiring process may seem like something that comes naturally, but Workaround founder and CEO Efrat Dagan says many people are not very good at it and don’t even realize it.
Bracha Gravity 20

“Whatever your capabilities are, you can apply it to climate technologies.”

Climatetech is so vast that anyone can get involved in the sector, says Bracha Halaf, co-founder and managing partner of Gravity Climate Fund.
Yochai Cyberint 20

“Cybersecurity is becoming a business enabler rather than expenditure.”

Yochai Corem was not actively looking for a CEO position, but when he had the opportunity to join Cyberint as the CEO, he took it.
Yossi Matias Google

“If it's going to have high enough impact, it's worth trying”

Though he is a multiple award winner and celebrated researcher, vice president of engineering and research at Google Yossi Matias says his biggest impact has come through helping develop the people he’s worked with.
Tamir Wolf Theator 20

“Everyone's always told me I'm a late bloomer.”

Having a great team is critical to achieving big goals, says Tamir Wolf, co-founder and CEO of Theator.
Ilit Raz Joonko 20

“The longer vision is to focus on how we retain underrepresented talent.”

Learning about the challenges of retaining talent from underrepresented groups helped spur Ilit Raz, founder and CEO of Joonko, to be part of the solution.
Eldad Postan-Koren 20 Winn AI

“Being a salesperson is an amazing toolkit for people in whatever they do.”

Sales should be taught in schools today, says Eldad Postan-Koren, co-founder and CEO of WINN.AI.
Yoni Valence 20

“Every day you do something that you wouldn't believe that you would do”

Co-founder and CEO of Valence Security Yoni Shohet believes it would be difficult for him to do anything else other than be an entrepreneur
Steven Gerbsman 20

“The person that asks the questions is really the true leader.”

Asking questions and inviting feedback are important activities for good leaders, says Steven Gerbsman, managing principal at Gerbsman Partners.
Guy Safebreach 20

“They are using our software to play war games within their infrastructure.”

Guy Bejerano wanted a simple solution for simulating cyberattacks, and it bothered him that one didn’t exist - so he co-founded SafeBreach
Yuval RiseUp 20

“The zip code you are born in doesn't need to dictate the trajectory of your life.”

Though people are often willing to take steps to improve their health, they don’t usually do much to reach financial well-being, says Yuval Samet, CEO of RiseUp.
Jacob Lightricks 20

“We are seeing the rise of the voice of the individual.”

In today’s creator economy, the stories and voices of individuals are growing in importance over brand voices, says Jacob Shwirtz, leader of Content and Creators at Lightricks.
Eitan Road2 Haifa 20

“The engine that we created, based on the needs of the corporates, really works.”

Investing isn’t work for Eitan Kyiet, CEO of Road2 Haifa and principal at Friendly Angels Club. It is a labor of love that he undertakes alongside his career.