20-Minute Leaders

20 stories about 20-Minute Leaders
Yishai Meet.The End 20

“The solution is something that each and every one of us can do”

After working for years in government, Meat.The End CEO Yishai Mishor realized that the political arena was not the best place for him to fight climate change
Larisa Amir 20

“Pharma companies need to capitalize on early-stage breakthrough innovation.”

Collaboration is key for pharmaceutical companies as they seek to make the drug development process more efficient and successful, says Larisa Amir, managing director of Merck’s R&D Center.
Ophir Zilbiger BDO 20

“Because cyber is a dynamic threat, clients are not afraid of using immature technology.”

While complying with standards and regulations in cybersecurity is necessary, head of BDO Israel Cyber Defense Center Ophir Zilbiger points out that compliance and effectiveness are different issues.
Chen Rosen 20

“In the next 10 years, we'll see big change in the core of the real estate industry.”

Finding challenging problems to work on is important to Chen Rosen, co-founder and managing partner of Reality PropTech.
Aaron Sapir 20

"Our diligence process is creating that mentorship.”

Before committing to full-time investing, founder and managing partner at Sapir Venture Partners Aaron Zucker was compelled to ask himself what he would add to the ecosystem
Ron Reiter Sentra 20

“Make sure that you want to marry your co-founders before you start a company.”

Being too focused on reaching goals is not a good approach to entrepreneurship, says Ron Reiter, co-founder and CTO of Sentra.
Yossi Carmil 20 Cellebrite

“The value you bring to police forces contributes to the personal security of each of us.”

Helping police and security forces is gratifying to Yossi Carmil, CEO of Cellebrite, because he gets to make an impact on people’s safety.
Alon Jackson Astrix 20

“Astrix is going to be the glue between different cloud services.”

With more end users within enterprises adding third-party apps to their platforms, the process of integrating technology has become more decentralized, says Alon Jackson, co-founder and CEO of Astrix Security.
Shahar Rookout 20

“We want to see a paradigm shift in the way that engineers are working.”

Software engineers spend too much time finding and solving issues rather than building the features that bring value, says Shahar Fogel, CEO of Rookout.
Slava Bronfman 20

“Identifying what I don't know is one of the hardest things to do.”

Figuring out what he doesn’t know and asking others for help with it is a big part of the success of Slava Bronfman, CEO of Cybellum
Lilach Ritter  VCITA 20

“I'm still finding my own way to lead in a very true-to-myself way.”

The relationships between people are part of what makes management more of a challenge than technical jobs, says Lilach Ritter, a group leader at VCITA.
Meirav Harel 20

“We are seeing the next step in human evolution in finance.”

There is a struggle between two financial ideologies that seek to shape the future of money, says Meirav Harel, a member of the board of directors of Excellence Trade.
Joseph Gitler Leket 20

“A very painful way to live life is struggling to get basic necessities.”

As a newcomer to Israel in 1999, Joseph Gitler was struck by the abundance of food, food waste, and the people struggling to get basic necessities.
Merav Grossman 20

“Becoming an end-to-end smart factory is a journey.”

Helping industrial plants transform into advanced manufacturing centers that are part of industry 4.0 is a passion for Merav Grossman, CEO of Advanced Manufacturing Institute.
Sagi Rodin Frontegg 20

“We are enabling the acceleration of innovation for our customers.”

The innovation at SaaS companies is slowed by their need to focus on the platform experience and the core of the product, says Sagi Rodin, co-founder and CEO of Frontegg.
Erez Berkner

“There is a new architecture being built that's going to shake the cloud.”

Being part of the next revolution in the cloud excites Erez Berkner, CEO and co-founder of Lumigo.
Daniel Green Faye 20

“Caring about the customer as a philosophy has so many amazing side effects.”

COVID highlighted not only the need for travel insurance, but the need for better travel insurance, says Daniel Green, co-founder and CTO at Faye.
Amit Shaked 20

“Trying to be the best version of myself has always been my blessing and my curse.”

At a young age, co-founder and CEO of Laminar Amit Shaked says he was taught to strive to be the best version of himself.
Ami Moyal 20

“The whole education continuum must change, from kindergarten to academia.”

Changing engineering education is the mission for Ami Moyal, president of Afeka Tel-Aviv Academic College of Engineering.
Michal Roizman Vaida 20

“When a product I create has a direct impact on somebody's life, it gives me great pleasure.”

Seeing her work have a direct impact on someone is important to Michal Roizman Vaida, vice president of product at Blue White Robotics.