Michael Matias and Yaffa Abadi

Startup Nation United
Introducing Startup Nation United, a new series on CTech

Startup Nation United aims to shed light on how the people of Israel have united under a common vision.

In a time of tremendous darkness and collective pain, our series, Startup Nation United, aims to shed light on how the people of Israel have united under a common vision.
Each day, we will bring you stories of individuals and groups within our tech ecosystem who have dropped everything and used their skills, connections, and communities to support the ongoing war efforts with impactful social and tech initiatives.
We will bring you the story of Brother and Sisters for Israel, a 100% civilian voluntary-based operation dedicated to providing crucial aid and support to civilians and soldiers in full coordination with the Israeli military.
We will bring you the story of BuildToSupport, a group of 1000 engineers and product managers uniting to build products at lightning speed for whatever is necessary to aid in the conflict.
We will bring you the story of Social Media for Israel, a team of volunteer researcher leaders combating the spread of anti-Israel narratives online.
These inspiring stories, and the countless more we will be sharing in this series, will not only highlight the independent efforts of each group in support of our nation, but will emphasize how we are all coming together with a collective mission: to aid our brothers and sisters in the field, to safeguard our country, and to play a vital role in the global fight against terrorism.
Startup Nation United was created by a group of Israeli entrepreneurs who care deeply about our nation and are inspired by the coming together of the community. Amongst them are Michael Matias (CEO of Clarity), Yaffa Abadi (Founder of Abadi Brands) and Noam Dor (Freelance Graphic Designer).
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Michael Yaffa United
Michael Yaffa United
Michael Matias and Yaffa Abadi
(Photo: Omer HaCohen/Hagar Bader)

Yaffa Abadi and Michael Mattias co-produce Startup Nation United, a series showcasing how Israelis have united for a common vision and sharing stories of individuals in the tech industry who have rallied for social and tech initiatives during the ongoing war.
Yaffa Abadi is the founder and CEO of Abadi Brands, a boutique consultancy specializing in personal branding and thought leadership for investors. With a background in private intelligence, leading F2 Venture Capital's communications, and experience in the CEO's office at monday.com, her ghostwritten work has been featured in publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Entrepreneur.com, Yahoo, and more.
Michael Matias, Forbes 30 Under 30, is the CEO of Clarity, a startup that preserves trust in digital media by fighting deepfakes. Their enterprise security solution authenticates digital media and protects from social engineering and phishing. Previously he was an officer at 8200, studied AI and Computer Science at Stanford University, and serves on the boards of Tech2Peace and Make-A-Wish Israel. Michael is an active angel investor in the AI and Cyber domain, was a Venture Fellow at Innovation Endeavors and a Venture Partner at Secret Chord and J-Ventures.