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Israeli foodtech startups rank second in the world in terms of investments

While the slowdown in the markets hurt Israeli tech and led to a decrease of approximately 42% in investments between 2021 and 2022, investments in foodtech companies decreased by only 18%
מימין יו"ר תנובה חיים גבריאלי ומנהלת אגף המו"פ והפרויקטים בתנובה פנינה סברדלוב

Tnuva expanding its activities in the alternative meat and fish sectors

21.06.22|Nurit Kadosh
Following its success with alternative milk products, the company has launched an R&D center for alternative protein products
Alla Voldman Rantzer

Cultivated meat consortium receives $18 million grant from Israel Innovation Authority

The consortium of 14 companies and 10 academic labs aims to develop more efficient, cost-competitive production methods and pilot scale-up opportunities that are aligned with the food industry of cultivated meat
ועידת Mind The Tech אשחר בן שטרית מייסד משותף ומנכ"ל Redefine Meat

Redefine Meat: "We decided to make the perfect steak"

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit made the remarks at Calcalist's Mind the Tech London 2022 conference. "Meat is not going to disappear. Why? Because it's really tasty. We're looking for a way not to compromise on meat"
Bye bye to beef burgers

Israeli startups stampeding towards alternative meat solutions

26.03.21|Andrew Jacobson
Can these 4 companies overcome the triple challenges of product texture, pricing, and regulation in the quest to transform the food industry’s holy grail?
המבורגר טבעוני של המותג ביונד מיט Beyond Meat

MeaTech sets sights on Nasdaq listing

22.06.20|Nurit Kadosh
Bioprinting meat company’s stock surged 22.3% on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on the news and has climbed over 200% on the year
בשר מעבדה אלף

As Meat Shortages Spread Globally, These 6 Startups Offer Alternative Cuts

From cellulose-printed hamburgers to lab-grown steaks, these Israel-based startups are developing meat alternatives for everyday consumption