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“In Japan you should invest in trust as much as you invest in your product”

Japan's economic resurgence stands in contrast to its demographic challenges and shifting market dynamics, prompting experts to explore its implications at the fifth annual "Big in Japan" event held in Tel Aviv
וידאו CTech Tokyo Conference Moshe Sarfaty

“Japanese interest in the Israeli ecosystem has increased and we think this will continue”

30.05.23|CTech, Ariela Karmel
“Japanese investors as a whole are looking for deep tech companies,” added Moshe Sarfaty, Managing Partner at Aristagora VC, who spoke to CTech during the Israel-Japan Conference in Tokyo

Annual Israel-Japan event mourns Shinzo, praises relations between the two nations

28.07.22|James Spiro
Big In Japan was hosted by SOMPO Digital Lab Tel Aviv, Aristagora VC, and held at the Pearl Cohen offices.
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“It’s like eating Sushi with Tahina”: How Israel and Japan formed an unlikely business relationship

30.05.21|James Spiro
On paper, these countries and cultures couldn’t be more different - that’s what makes them so perfect for each other