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Tal Wilk-Glazer Saffron-Tech

“I looked for opportunities to build things and make things different.”

After working in the fields of biology and then technology, Tal Wilk-Glazer says it’s fascinating to have them combine in her current role as CEO of Saffron-Tech.
צוות Nucleai מימין לוטן חורב אלירון אמיר אבי ויידמן אלברט אכטרברג

The Israeli startup using spatial biology to provide better cancer treatment

02.01.22|Yafit Ovadia
Nucleai is looking at the way cells interplay and are interspersed within human tissue to develop precision medicine solutions
דפנה קולר מייסדת ו נשיאה  קורסרה coursera הוועידה המוטסת גלריה

Coursera Co-Founder Daphne Koller Launches New AI Drug Development Startup

06.05.18|Tofi Stoler
In February, Ms. Koller left her position as chief computing officer at Google’s biotech company Calico