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ילדה משחקת בטאבלט

How one startup is helping parents assess their children's development

06.08.21|Yafit Ovadia
GiantLeap’s automated platform aids parents to assess their children’s cognitive and social-emotional development from home
מוסף שבועי 17.12.20 גיטנג'לי ראו

The world’s smartest girl: Colorado teen is solving life’s big problems

19.12.20|Roni Dori
At age 11, Gitanjali Rao, developed a revolutionary device to detect hazardous substances in drinking water; at 14 the Gen Z teen made an app to battle cyberbullying, and was chosen by Time as “Kid of the Year”
קטינים סמארטפון מובייל צעירים נוער 1

Covid-19 May Shift Our Thinking About the Digital Bogeyman

22.04.20|Omer Kabir
With the pandemic forcing millions to stay home, many experts, once vocal proponents of limiting kids’ screen time, now believe screens are crucial to surviving the crisis while maintaining a pinch of sanity
נמרוד קוזלבסקי ו מאיה קוזלבסקי כנס כשטכנולוגיה פוגשת ילדים

The Disputed Territory of Technology Plus Kids

07.02.19|Omri Milman and Naomi Zoreff
Entrepreneurs and researchers discussed subjects including technology-based education, advertising to children, and the potential effects of gaming at a Calcalist and Bank Leumi event on Tuesday
Bowhead Technology bottle

Former Alibaba Chiefs Bring Tamagotchi-style Water Bottle to Market

26.10.17|Keren-Or Grinberg
The bottle features an interactive virtual pet that grows according to water consumption