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מוקי גרידינגר בעל פורום פילם יס פלנט רב חן סינוורלד

Cineworld CEO receives six-month suspended jail term for refusing to supply films to competitors

13.12.22|Tomer Ganon
Mooky Greidinger and the Forum Film company he owns were convicted in a plea deal for denying their competitors films
בית קולנוע  סינוורלד Cineworld בעיר צ'סטר בריטניה משפחת גרידינגר

Final cut: Israeli-owned movie theater chain Cineworld preparing to file for bankruptcy

The second largest cinema chain in the world is crashing, with its stock collapsing by 82% in three London trading days. The chain, which failed to recover from the pandemic at the rate it expected, has accumulated a debt of $9 billion
מוקי גרידינגר בעל פורום פילם יס פלנט רב חן סינוורלד

Convicted Cineworld CEO: "We were the second largest cinema chain in the world. It all collapsed"

29.06.22|Tomer Ganon
Mooky Greidinger was convicted as part of a plea bargain in which he admitted that a movie distribution company controlled by Cineworld violated the terms of a merger by not distributing eight films to its competitor, the Lev cinema chain
מוקי גרדינגר סינוורלד רשת בתי קולנוע

How Disney and Covid-19 blocked Mooky Greidinger's path to film distribution domination

29.08.20|Yair Raveh
An indictment by the Israel Competition Authority sheds a light on the practices of the man who owns and heads Cineworld
משה גרידינר

Cineworld Finalizes Deal to Acquire Regal Cinemas

05.12.17|Golan Hazani
Israeli businessman Moshe Greidinger is pushing for his movie theater company Cineworld to acquire a company twice its size in a deal worth $3.6 billion