8 stories about CodeValue
Carmit Gilon Halev CodeValue

“We feel sadness, a sense of loss, and even existential worry.”

26.10.23|James Spiro
CodeValue has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with plenty of trauma in the past - so knew the initial steps to help its employees in the aftermath of 7/10.
מוסף שבועי 20.4.22 טלי שם טוב

“I go crazy when women tell me ‘I can’t do it because of the kids’,” says Speedvalue founder and CEO

24.04.22|Roni Dori
Tali Shem Tov, who is the only female CEO of an Israeli publicly-traded high tech company explains why she doesn’t believe in glass ceilings
Hanan Zakai BiblioTech CodeValue

CTech's Book Review: Examining the methods to our madness

10.01.22|Hanan Zakai
Hanan Zakai, VP of Customers & Division Manager at CodeValue, shares insights after reading “You're About to Make a Terrible Mistake” by Olivier Sibony
ליהי ירון גרטי CodeValue

Time for tech to open up to creative worlds

29.12.21|Leehee Yaron-Gerti
"As the elitist industry grows so will the need for workers who possess a more complex and broad set of capabilities and interests stemming from more creative, spiritual, artistic worlds," writes Leehee Yaron-Gerti of CodeValue
ליהי ירון גרטי CodeValue

Developers should take advantage of the good times to discover what really makes them happy

18.10.21|Leehee Yaron Gerti
“What happens when you reach the pinnacle of your professional aspirations and then realize that you have lost touch with the reason why you started the journey in the first place?” asks Leehee Yaron Gerti, Director of Marketing at CodeValue
Suzan Zaher Kamal Codevalue

“How can we can bring more Druze people to the high-tech industry? It's all about awareness."

Suzan Zaher Kamal, software developer and team lead at CodeValue, speaks to Michael Matias about her work and its impact on communities across the country
אלון פליס

Behind the scenes of the digital transformation

14.06.21|Daniel Farber-Ball
CodeValue’s Chief Architect Alon Fliess tells CTech what he advises his clients who are simply stuck in the past
קוואליטסט Qualitest טלי שם טוב

Former Qualitest CEOs Acquire Two Software Startups for $5 Million

22.03.20|Adi Pick
Ayal Zylberman and Tali Shem Tov, former executives of software testing company Qualitest, bought software startup WellDone Software and CodeValue with the intention of merging them into one company