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Commonsense Robotics אורי אברהם אלרם גורן אייל גורן

Warehouse Robotics Startup Fabric Raises $110 Million

23.10.19|Meir Orbach
Turning underutilized urban retail spaces into delivery centers where robots store, sort, and process inventory, the company aims to tackle the last mile distribution challenge
Commonsense Robotics רובוט קמעונאות מחסן

Israeli Retailer Rami Levy to Launch Robot-Operated Distribution Centers

Israel’s third largest supermarket chain has signed an agreement with Tel Aviv-based startup CommonSense Robotics to establish 12 sites throughout the country in which robots will process, store, and package items according to customers’ online orders
ה רובוט אלי קיוelli q  אינטואישן רובוטיקס intuition robotics

From Smart Crates to Friendbots, Here Comes the Robo Revolution

Powered by advances in AI and material design, automatons are taking on a bigger role in our lives
Commonsense Robotics אורי אברהם אלרם גורן אייל גורן

CTech’s Daily Israeli Tech News Roundup

Warehouse robotics startup CommonSense Robotics raises $20 million. From eye-tracking to break-up monitoring, love tech can be the next big thing