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CTech Early Avichay Dahan

“We are in the shift to the ownership economy… more people want to start their own business”

11.07.23|James Spiro
Avichay Dahan, Co-Founder and CEO at Webullar, spoke about the importance of an online presence for young businesses
CTech Early Dotan Tamir וידאו

Clickto: “Everybody really loves learning, even if they don't say that”

11.07.23|James Spiro
Dotan Tamir, Co-Founder and CEO at Clickto, spoke to CTech about how companies can upskill their workforces remotely
CTech Early Liron Nesiel

How might insect protein help the elastic material industry?

11.07.23|James Spiro
Liron Nesiel, CEO at Smart Resilin, spoke to CTech about how her company hopes to change the way we produce elastics
CTech Early Ofer Spottheim וידאו

This company is turning waste into electricity for our vehicles

10.07.23|James Spiro
Ofer Spottheim, CEO at Agam Energy, spoke to CTech about the company’s plans to revolutionize the energy industry
CTech Early Yael Shafrir וידאו

“This is the time for investors to be brave,” says ReShuffle CEO

10.07.23|James Spiro
CEO Yael Shafrir speaks to CTech and urges investors to look at edtech as a space to invest in the future
CTech Early Shay Cohen

Compliance “is not a need-to-have, it is a must-have”

10.07.23|James Spiro
Shay Cohen, CEO at Kamanja, spoke to CTech about operating in an industry seen as essential even in an economic downturn
CTech Early Matan Yariv

“I'm 22, and I know a lot of the difficulties Gen-Z have when approaching to learn something”

09.07.23|James Spiro
Matan Yariv, Co-Founder and CTO at Minded, spoke to CTech about building products for Gen-Z
CTech Early Yael Adam וידאו

Raising money in an inflationary, post-Pandemic world - what’s changed?

09.07.23|James Spiro
Laguna Health CPO Yael Adam spoke to CTech about the differences in getting funding today vs. five years ago
CTech Early Vlad Zaharov וידאו

“The word ‘robot’ was invented more than 100 years ago. But everyone is still waiting for them”

09.07.23|James Spiro
Vlad Zaharov, Founder and CEO at Tider, spoke to CTech about the future of robotics in our homes and how they can help us with our everyday tasks
CTech Early David Gillo וידאו

Exelerate Smart Traffic prepares to tackle different regulatory hurdles in USA, Europe

06.07.23|James Spiro
David Gillo, VP Business Development at Exelerate Smart Traffic, joined CTech to share insights about doing business in the two regions
CTech Early Daniel Kalish

How can startups navigate a challenging market?

06.07.23|James Spiro
Daniel Kalish, Co-Founder and CEO at Nilus, spoke to CTech about how it helps companies manage cash and create financial efficiencies in a downturn market.
CTech Early Lior Simon וידאו

“Don’t rush to run after trends and buzzwords - it's fluff”

06.07.23|James Spiro
Lior Simon, General Partner at Cyberstarts, spoke to CTech about the changing market and how early-stage companies can succeed in today’s market