CTech Early Yael Shafrir וידאו

“This is the time for investors to be brave,” says ReShuffle CEO

CEO Yael Shafrir speaks to CTech and urges investors to look at edtech as a space to invest in the future

“It is much easier to put your money in the standard places. Israel is obviously the Cyber Nation and Fintech Nation, and some other spaces are the common choices. It is easier to be conservative than to go to more breakthrough solutions,” said ReShuffle CEO Yael Shafrir.
ReShuffle is an English learning platform focused on middle school and high school students on a mission to “revolutionize” edtech, which Shafrir admitted is a tough space in general. However, she urges investors to look at more unconventional metrics when considering edtech.
“We need to look at the target audience which is eventually the students, which is a totally different generation from the target generation of students that were originally targeted by the education system,” she added. “To accept revolutionary solutions takes courage and in my opinion, this is the time for investors to be brave - the standard multipliers and profits they expect from the standard investment target will not be there, so they might as well be open to whole new ideas.”
You can learn more about the company in the video above.