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כנס פיננסים - ד״ר שלומית ווגמן רטנר ראש הרשות לאיסור הלבנת הון ומימון טרור לשעבר וסמנכ״לית ב Rapyd וידאו

"Gaza would look like Dubai if the money that flowed there was not used for terrorism"

25.01.24|Tomer Hadar
Dr. Shlomit Wagman, Global Chief Regulation and Compliance Officer at Rapyd, added that future funds going to Gaza from all over the world for reconstruction must be monitored to ensure they are not again used to finance terrorism
כנס פיננסים - פאנל נדל"ן מימין שמעון אבודרהם מנכ"ל אמות צבי שיף שותף וראש אשכול פיננסים BDO רון אבידן מנכ"ל אזורים ו נטע-לי בינשטוק כלכליסט וידאו

"The decline in construction will lead to a supply crisis as early as 2024"

25.01.24|Maayan Manela
Ron Avidan, CEO of Azorim Properties, spoke during a real estate panel at Calcalist’s Economy of Tomorrow event along with Zvi Shif, Partner and Head of the Financial Cluster at BDO, about how the labor supply shortage will lead to an increase in real estate prices
כנס פיננסים - יאיר קפלן מנכל בנק ירושלים וידאו

Bank of Jerusalem CEO on the real estate market: "Vulnerable entrepreneurs will go bankrupt"

25.01.24|Shaked Garin
Yair Kaplan spoke at Calcalist, the Bank of Jerusalem, and BDO’s Economy of Tomorrow event about the future of the real estate market, saying that “the government must act preemptively and activate the Housing Cabinet.”