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סם בנקמן פריד בבית משפט

The Israeli startups that benefited from Sam Bankman-Fried’s investments

25.12.22|Viki Auslender and Meir Orbach
SBF’s portfolio, allegedly amassed through extensive fraud and the stealing of customer funds, includes around 500 companies, including Israeli crypto startups StarkWare and Solidus Labs
סם בנקמן-פרייד סם בנקמן פרייד מייסד בורסת הקריפטו FTX שקרסה

How did some of the world’s largest VCs miss all the warning signs and invest in FTX

22.11.22|Viki Auslender
The promise of easy and fast money attracted the likes of SoftBank, Sequoia, and Tiger Global to FTX and SBF, but they are all now paying the price for investing huge amounts in risky companies that engaged in scandalous leveraged trading