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Boaz Dolev ClearSky Cyber Security

Cybersecurity firm reveals Hezbollah-linked hack of hundreds of global companies

28.01.21|James Spiro
ClearSky Cyber Security confirmed that ‘Lebanese Cedar’, the cyber unit of Hezbollah, has been behind hundreds of cloud and hosting provider hacks
הפגנת חקלאים חקלאות

Who is Jamming Israeli Farmers' Autonomous Tractors' GPS Systems?

20.05.20|Udi Etsion
Farmers in the vicinity of Israel’s borders have been experiencing disruptions in their GPS planting systems for the past few weeks, likely caused by military and militant activity in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and the Gaza Strip
מתוך מבצע מגן צפוני פעולות צה"ל בגבול לבנון באיזור מטולה

More Hezbollah Hideout Tunnels Running Within Lebanon, According to Israeli Military

10.12.18|Adi Pick
The Israeli military has briefed the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon forces (UNIFIL) about the whereabouts of at least one such tunnel and requested that the matter will be investigated
גבול מטולה מבצע מגן צפוני פעולות צה"ל בגבול לבנון ישראל

UNIFIL Peacekeepers Increase Patrols Along Israel-Lebanon Border

06.12.18|Adi Pick
On Tuesday, Israeli forces launched a military operation to expose and destroy tunnels dug by Hezbollah from southern Lebanon into Israeli territory