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אפרוחות שנולדו בעזרת הטכנולוגיה של Poultry by Huminn

Israeli startup breeds hens which lay eggs of female-only chicks

The achievement by startup Huminn and the Israeli Agricultural Research Organization – Volcani Institute can help spare the killing of billions of chicks around the world
Ctech National Economic Conference Eli Mor וידאו

“Israel is a major source of innovation,” says Huminn, as it aims to solve humanity’s challenges

12.07.22|James Spiro
Eli Mor, President & Head of International at Huminn, joined CTech to discuss its relationship with Startup Nation
הוועידה הלאומית הכלכלית סם סלמאן יו"ר ושותף מייסד Huminn

"Let's champion what we can do here in Israel to scale things"

12.07.22|James Spiro
Sam Salman, Founder of Huminn, spoke at Calcalist’s National Economic Conference about some of the ways Israeli companies can scale up to become giants
Sam Salman Huminn

The future belongs to the connectors of dots

05.07.22|Sam Salman
"At Huminn we look at problems as multifaceted yet one in essence, with researchers from different fields working together, sharing insights, and studying a problem from all perspectives simultaneously," writes Sam Salman, the Chairman & CEO of Huminn