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מוסף שבועי 21.3.24 איור הקומיקאים היהודים של אמריקה נאבקים באנטישמיות

Too soon? Jewish-American comedians use humor to cope post October 7

24.03.24|Tzippy Shmilovitz
Jewish stand-up comedians in America are turning the growing anti-Semitism since October 7 into the hottest material in their shows. Because for 2,000 years, from Haman, to the Nazis, to the anti-Israel progressives at Harvard, humor has been the best defense.
איריס שור מייסדת אוריבי Oribi

Even ‘Boring’ Software Should Engage Users on an Emotional Level

09.03.18|Iris Shoor
Humor and charming characters help bring life to even the blandest of products