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Predictive Analytics Company Endor Raises $45 Million in ICO

02.04.18|Tofi Stoler
Endor’s blockchain-based protocol gives users accurate business predictions without requiring computing and data expertise
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On Way to Crypto Offering, Copyright Protection Startup Makes Misleading Claims

18.02.18|Daniel Vainberg
Israel-linked NKOR Ltd. is seeking to raise millions of dollars in the unregulated world of initial coin offerings
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By Summer, ICO Investors Will Start Asking Questions, Says Dogecoin Creator

06.11.17|Uri Pasovsky
In an interview with Calcalist, the man behind the joke that turned into a $400-million virtual currency warns of the greed and hype that fuel the rise of initial coin offerings
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10 Signs You Should Stay Off an ICO

10.09.17|Ouriel Ohayon
To make sure you avoid falling for the wrong ones, use these signs to make sure you invest in the right ones