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Elephant Chaim Schiff

"Nobody is doing a secondary deal just because they read an article…Investors are a lot more picky now"

09.05.23|James Spiro
Elephant CEO Chaim Schiff joined CTech to discuss secondary markets and how private companies can benefit from them
מגזין עצמאות 4.5.22 עובדי אופטיבס Optibus

Optibus CEO pauses to reflect one year after obtaining unicorn status

26.04.23|Meir Orbach
In the economically unstable year that has passed since Optibus was ranked number one on Calcalist’s annual list of the most promising Israeli startups, the company has doubled its revenues and workforce
ינאי זגורי מנהל טכנולוגיות למידה ב HIT

"The AI genie is out of the bottle and I don't really think it can be put back in"

13.04.23|Maayan Cohen-Rozen
Yanay Zaguri, an expert in learning technologies and AVP of Organizational Growth at AppsFlyer, tackles the artificial intelligence revolution: "Humanity needs to write a new code of ethics"
 יודפת הראל בוכריס

"If we do not work to save the Zionist enterprise, we will lose everything we built"

06.04.23|Meir Orbach
Yodfat Harel Buchris, Managing Director at Blumberg Capital and one of the leaders of the high-tech protest, is fighting for her home
Avi Simplex

Israeli mapping company unleashes its tech in Italy

03.04.23|James Spiro
Simplex produces high-resolution aerial 3D mapping for municipalities and private companies.
Ronen Assia - Team8

Definitively fintech: “Fintech is the driver for everything we can think about”

21.02.23|Yonatan Sredni
In an in-depth interview, Ronen Assia, Managing Partner at venture group Team8 and co-founder of social investing platform eToro, talks fintech, the future - and even farming
אלון ימין ממייסדי חברת קופיליקס Copyleaks

Copy catcher: The Israeli startup that can spot AI-written text

12.02.23|Omer Kabir
As the emergence of ChatGPT raises fears of plagiarism, Israeli startup Copyleaks identifies texts created by artificial intelligence, and has already proven its capabilities to US academic institutions asking to check the originality of students’ work
יניב מקובר מנכ"ל Anyword

Extreme Makover: “Generative AI is the most exciting step in AI”

12.02.23|Yonatan Sredni
From ChatGPT replacing human writers to Israel’s president’s AI-aided speech, Anyword CEO Yaniv Makover takes CTech on a deep dive into “a super valuable jump in technology”
Zach Cutler Propel Portrait

"A lot can be learned from adversity. My experience gave me the skills to be a successful founder"

30.01.23|James Spiro
Propel PRM founder and CEO Zach Cutler joined CTech to discuss how his unique challenges set him up for a world of entrepreneurship
BoBo Family

Balancing act: BoBo takes the boring out of balance

29.01.23|Yonatan Sredni
Founded by Israeli physiotherapists to prevent senior falls, BoBo Balance aims to make balance exercises challenging, engaging, and fun
Yossi Matias Google

“If it's going to have high enough impact, it's worth trying”

Though he is a multiple award winner and celebrated researcher, vice president of engineering and research at Google Yossi Matias says his biggest impact has come through helping develop the people he’s worked with.
האנליסט הראשי האחראי על דירוג ישראל בחברת הדירוג הבינלאומית S_altP מקסים ריבניקוב

S&P warns Israel: "Weakening state institutions is a ratings risk"

09.01.23|Adrian Filut
Maxim Rybnikov, the chief analyst responsible for Israel's rating at international rating company S&P, predicts that the slowdown in the world's main economies will also affect Israel, resulting in growth of only 2% this year
Steven Gerbsman 20

“The person that asks the questions is really the true leader.”

Asking questions and inviting feedback are important activities for good leaders, says Steven Gerbsman, managing principal at Gerbsman Partners.
Yuval RiseUp 20

“The zip code you are born in doesn't need to dictate the trajectory of your life.”

Though people are often willing to take steps to improve their health, they don’t usually do much to reach financial well-being, says Yuval Samet, CEO of RiseUp.
Jacob Lightricks 20

“We are seeing the rise of the voice of the individual.”

In today’s creator economy, the stories and voices of individuals are growing in importance over brand voices, says Jacob Shwirtz, leader of Content and Creators at Lightricks.