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Lee Moser

Understanding how to approach VCs post-bubble

19.01.23|Lee Moser
“The problem is clear, founders need to face the harsh reality when looking for funding; your asks and evaluations can no longer be as high as they were a year ago,” writes Lee Moser, Managing Partner and Founder at AnD Ventures
Lee Moser AnD Ventures

“Only 1 in 50 applications is a woman entrepreneur, so I thought how can I create awareness”

09.08.22|Noa Gadot
In an interview with CTech, Lee Moser, Managing Partner and Founder at AnD Ventures, talks about her unique fund and what she is doing to support other women entrepreneurs
לי מוזר מייסדת שותפה ב AnD Ventures

From the White House to a $30 million seed fund

23.05.21|Maayan Manela
Lee Moser, AnD Ventures founder, traded the White House for tech investments on her road to success, “pandemic or no pandemic"
מימין מור אסיא ו שלי הוד מויאל מקימות iAngels

Tel Aviv-Based Venture Capital Firm iAngels Welcomes New Partner

Lee Moser joined iAngles in 2015 and is the former Chief of Staff to the Israeli Ambassador in Washington D.C.