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Miri Fenton

Maverick Ventures Israel appoints Miri Fenton as Associate

In addition to being a Henry Fellow at Yale, Fenton has a PhD from Hebrew University, and took her Masters and BA degrees at Cambridge University
 CTech Tech on the beach Yaron Carni וידאו

“There will always be a need for tech startups. Tech has to prevail”

03.05.23|Ariela Karmel
Yaron Carni, Founder of Maverick Ventures Israel, spoke to CTech at Calcalist’s Tech on the Beach event about why Semperis was selected as the most promising Israeli startup for 2023
סטיבן מנושין סטיבן מנוצ'ין שר האוצר ארה"ב

Trump’s former Treasury Secretary and Ambassador to Israel are looking to invest in the Startup Nation

21.06.21|Meir Orbach
Former Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and the former Ambassador, David Friedman have set up a new fund and are seeking out investments in Israeli tech
מגזין יום העצמאות דיויד ממן מייסד ומנכ"ל חברת בינה

Vital signs monitoring startup raises $13.5 million

10.06.20|Adi Pick’s technology analyzes a video of the upper cheek skin region of a human face to extract a large set of vital signs and mental stress measurements
סוני אקספריה XZ3 סמארטפון IFA 2018

High-Resolution Screen Inspection Startup InZiv Raises $2.5 Million

InZiv develops inspection equipment designed to identify defects in the pixels of advanced screen displays
Rio Bravo Maverick

Rio Bravo CEO Leads an Investment in Israel-Based Venture Fund

13.09.17|Lilach Baumer and Orr Hirschauge
The Rio Bravo Investimentos CEO is leading a group of Brazilian businessmen to invest in a fund raised by venture capital firm Maverick Ventures