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Andrew Merlin

Merlin Ventures appoints Andrew Smeaton as CISO-in-Residence

“With Andrew, our ability to stand out in the Israeli cybersecurity market and give added value to entrepreneurs will even increase,” said Managing Partner Shay Michel
שי מישל – שותף מנהל בקרן ההשקעות – Merlin Ventures

Israel must double down on cyber in time of crisis

17.01.24|Shay Michel
“More than a cyber industry has emerged in Israel; a true tradition has emerged, which must be capitalized on,” writes Shay Michel, Managing Partner at Merlin Ventures
ינון קוסטיקה ממייסדי חברת WIZ

Wiz co-founder: “I’d invest in the Shekel. The Israeli economy is on a historical ascent”

20.10.21|Meir Orbach
Speaking at a Unit 8200 alumni conference, Yinon Costica called upon women to join the high-tech industry, stressing it is no longer the macho industry it used to be