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תל אביב הקרייה מגדלי עזריאלי 1

Despite Covid-19, Tel Aviv remains among ten most expensive cities in the world for expats

Tel Aviv fell into seventh place out of the world’s top most expensive cities, with Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York City, taking the top slots
קומרה מימין ארז שחר בועז דינטי סיון שמרי דהן

At Calcalist's New York Conference, Qumra Capital Reveals its Top 10 Promising Israeli Startups

Tel Aviv-based venture capital firm Qumra Capital has selected 10 companies that present a diverse picture of the Israeli tech sector and are on track to reach $10 million in annual sales
בניין קרייזלר מנהטן ניו יורק למכירה

Hot Off Election, Calcalist's Tech Conference Is Heading to New York

09.04.19|Omer Kabir
The annual event that brings together Israeli and American entrepreneurs, techstars, companies, and investors will open Wednesday night