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Noa Matz

Navigating Identity: Insights from startup founders post exit

08.05.24|Noa Matz
As founders transition from the intense demands of building and selling their companies to a new chapter in their lives, questions arise about the impact of this transition on their sense of self, identity, and well-being
Noa Matz

A glimpse into a founder’s session: Returning to a creative mindset

12.12.23|Noa Matz
It is normal to have these ‘abnormal’ reactions in the tremendously stressful outward environment we find ourselves in. Don't be hard on yourself about it, rather use these tools to help yourself adapt and retain resilience during this difficult time
Noa Matz

A glimpse into a founder’s session: Crisis resilience

13.11.23|Noa Matz
First session: regulating our emotions and catching ourselves from over-catastrophizing
Noa Matz

Founder-investor dynamics: From the founder's perspective, visibility is key

28.09.23|Noa Matz
In part 1 of her ‘founder-investor dynamics’ series, Noa Matz explains why founders seek investors not only for the much-needed financial infusion but also for their valuable insights, connections, and wealth of experience
Noa Matz

Navigating the founder-spouse dynamic: The importance of keeping your better half in the loop

11.09.23|Noa Matz
While startup founders chase their dreams, families and marriages often take the hardest hit and pay the price of this adventure. The key to startup success begins at home, so if your spouse isn't part of your startup journey day-to-day, here are a few ideas to include them
Ctech Diversity Noa Matz

“Diversity is being true to yourself, showing more layers and colors of yourself”

30.01.23|Noa Gadot
Noa Matz, Partner at VC F2, believes that it is easier to overcome challenges with a diverse team
נועה מץ F2 Venture Capital

"Investors always say they 'invest in people' but they don't know how to evaluate their potential"

14.08.22|Noa Gadot
In an interview with CTech, Noa Matz, Social psychologist and Operating Partner at F2 Venture Capital, explains her mission to bridge the gaps between investors and founders, her vision for social psychology, and her tips for her fellow women